Why do electric vehicles use drum brakes and use disc brakes? The principle is different, which effect is better?

As the core component of electric vehicles, brakes have two major categories, namely disc brakes and drum brakes. These two brakes are widely used on two -wheeled electric vehicles. Which of these two brakes is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let’s talk about this topic today!


1. Disc brake


The popularity of disc brakes is a disc brake or a piston caliper brake. The main principle is to clamp the disc brakes through caliper to achieve the purpose of braking. There are two types of ventilation discs and ordinary disk brakes.

The biggest advantage of the disc brake is that the weight is light, the heat dissipation is good, and the response is sensitive. It is mainly used for high -speed electric vehicles. It can quickly brake during emergency braking, and there will be no high temperature overheating cause the brake failure.


Among the two -wheeled electric vehicles, the electric lightmore uses the brake configuration of the front dish and the hub. Because the front brake response is more sensitive and fast, the rear drum brake response is relatively dull, so that there will be no death at the same time. It happened, and the time speed of the electric light is not high. Generally, between 40-50km/h, the front disc and the rear hub are already very sufficient.

Performance electric motorcycles that are higher than 50km/h are configured with the front and rear dual disc brakes. Generally, the configuration of the front wind disc brakes and the rear ventilation disc brakes. On the one hand The side also prevents the rear wheels from holding death.

Two, drum brakes

Drum brakes have also become hub brakes and rising brakes. The main principle is that the brake pads inside the drum during the brakes are swollen around the drum, rubbing the inner surface of the brake pads and the brake drum, and producing sufficient friction to reduce the speed of the wheels to achieve the purpose of the brake. The advantage of the drum brake is that the absolute brake is higher, and the diameter brake and the drum brake are also greater.

Since the speed of the new national standard electric vehicle is less than 25km/h, the quality of itself is less than 55 kg. The brake torque itself is relatively small. There is no need to use disc brakes. Therefore, the drum brake is generally sufficient.



The disc brakes and drum brakes are not absolutely good or bad, only the use of the model. High -speed models that require sensitive brakes generally use disc brakes, such as high -speed electric motorcycles, coupe, etc. Slow -speed models are mostly drum brakes, such as new national standard electric vehicles, loading electric tricycles. Everyone, what do you think of this?

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