Hui Na alloy engineering vehicle is wonderful to the 2018 Hong Kong Toys Fair


China and Foreign Toy Network on January 13


From January 8-11, the 44th Hong Kong Toys Exhibition in Asia’s largest and second largest toy professional exhibition was held.The well -known brand Hua Na toys (Huina Model) in the field of alloy engineering vehicle models appeared with a large number of boutique alloy engineering vehicle models, which has attracted great attention from professional buyers around the world.

In recent years, the number of domestic and foreign model enthusiasts has increased significantly, and players have put forward higher requirements for the brand and quality of the product.Huina toys are highly focused in the field of alloy engineering vehicle models, and the industry is well -known.

At this Hong Kong Toy Show, the new products of Huina model made buyers and players shine.Including the all -alloy remote control model engineering vehicle that has been launched and innovated for more than a year, and the recent newly produced new alloy engineering vehicles and simulation alloy tower crane models, etc.;Xiaobian reviews the Excelle model of the exhibition together:


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