Children with high waist and belly protective pants, half a meter cloth can be made with two. Simple production and comfortable dressing

The weather is getting colder now. I think it ’s not enough to keep the children’ s autumn pants alone. You should make an upgraded version of autumn pants, warm pants, and high waist and warm pants. In particular, we must protect the baby’s small belly. In fact, the autumn pants I make for the children are also high waist. Moms can really try high waist models for the baby, which is particularly comfortable and warm.

Let’s take a look at the style pictures, do you feel cute?

Do you feel very comfortable and warm?

It depends on the cutting map, 100 yards, suitable for babies of about 1 meter tall.

It is particularly simple, simple to say.


Drawing unit: centimeter

If you do n’t even understand even the tailor drawings above, you still want to make clothes. Then it is recommended that you join my circle to learn from the most basic. Be patient to start from the most basic first. Add method, click the circle card below

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If you need other numbers, you can refer to the cutting picture below for a version. The size of the waist circumference, measure the baby’s abdominal circumference appropriately according to the elasticity of the fabric

Pants production process and sewing process commentary


Selection of fabrics: cotton pinch knitting and knitted thread

Before fabric cutting, be sure to do water washing before cutting


Combined with the above -mentioned tailoring and your own size, add the seam edge to cut it after making the version.

Sewing process:

1 Swipe the thread of the waist and feet first and fix it.


2 The inner side of the pants and the front and rear crotch.

3 Sewing threads of the waist and foot mouth

If there is no color screw in the home, it is also possible to use the contrast. It is not an exaggeration to do one in ten minutes. It can be tried timing


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