Haichang Ocean Park had a net loss of 1.48 billion yuan last year, and ticket income dropped by 60 %

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) On March 26, Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haichang Ocean Park”) released its annual performance in 2020. During the reporting period, Haichang Ocean Park achieved revenue of about 1.168 billion yuan, a decrease of 58.3%year -on -year; net loss was 1.478 billion yuan, and the net loss rate was about 126.6%. The net profit was 31.2 million yuan in the same period last year, and the net profit margin was 1.1%.

Haichang Ocean Park said that the company’s operating income in 2020 is mainly due to the park’s ticket sales revenue and non -ticket business revenue have been affected by the epidemic, which has been greatly reduced. The report shows that in 2020, the ticket business revenue of Haichang Ocean Park decreased by 67.3%year -on -year to 635 million yuan, and non -ticket business revenue decreased by 38.1%year -on -year to 533 million yuan. The income is 58.57 million yuan, and the revenue of amusement fees in the park is 99.721 million yuan.

In 2020, the sales cost of Haichang Ocean Park decreased by 14.4%year -on -year to 129,800 yuan, mainly due to the significant reduction in the affected situation of the park’s operating income, and the corresponding costs were reduced. A decrease of 43.3%to 169 million yuan, the overall hair loss was about 129 million yuan, and the hair loss rate was 11.1%.

During the reporting period, Haichang Ocean Park deepened the strategic cooperation of online channels, signing the strategic contract with the two OTA platforms and Meituan, in -depth interoperability, and high -speed growth of online channel sales on the Internet, accounting for more than 60 %; self -employed sales platform issued Significantly, self -operated channels account for more than 13%of online channels.

According to the announcement, in the construction of the Haichang Ocean Park, the main structure of the whale and shark hall of the Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park project is completed; the Haichang Ocean Park is currently fully promoting the project settlement review work, and the completion of the filing procedures is basically completed; Sanya Haichang Fantasy Night City has been completed, and the property right certificate is underway. In terms of light -funded production business, Haichang Ocean Park mainly optimizes and upgrades light asset consulting services, launched product service packages for large -scale cultural tourism projects and small and medium -sized park projects, and newly added Hangzhou Bay Haichang Cultural Tourism Comprehensive Project Consultation Service, Changchun Ran Home In Mall Haiyou Pavilion Planning Consultation, Lingang Jinqiao Ocean Theme Hotel Consultation and Operation Management multiple light asset output service projects. Among the cooperative projects, the Changsha Datangshan Happy City project was fully launched, and the project period of Happy Ocean Park was started.

Haichang Ocean Park stated in the annual report that in 2021, it will rely on industrial extension + diversified consumption + cultural IP + capital platform + technology application + brand upgrade to enhance the company’s core competitiveness and investment returns.

Li Shihui