Koi “cheongsam”, leather wake up lion head … non -legacy artists polished special leather goods to welcome the Chinese New Year

Koi “cheongsam”, leather wake up lion head … non -legacy artists polished special leather goods to welcome the Chinese New Year

He Wei made a koi leather suit, combined with non -heritage Fuzhou corner traditional skills. He said that the meaning of the festive color means to welcome the New Year. Southeast.com reporter Lin Xianchang Photo

On the road of Guanglufang, Sanfang Qixiang, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, the fourth -generation inheritor of the fourth -generation inheritor of the fourth -generation inheritor of the “non -heritage” Fuzhou lacquer all over the cowhbit box production process has not rest. Essence

“Craftsmanship, you need to be carved carefully and slowly polish.” He Wei said.

He Wei is making a koi “cheongsam” leather cloth set. The appearance is in a traditional cheongsam style. It can be equipped with a comb, which is suitable for young people. He Wei has brought traditional skills back to the public’s vision over the years. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of modern people, he has continuously explored the integration of trendy elements, and even changing some of the original technical processes. And local traditional techniques are incorporated into the production of leather goods.

“This corner comb set is made of koi fish skin, which means that it is a new year to get rich.” He Wei said, using the style of cheongsam. During the Republic of China, the cheongsam was prosperous. It is said that it is a “talented girl comb.” “He Wei said that Lin Huiyin, one of the top ten talents in the Republic of China, is from Fuzhou. Now she can find her photos on the Internet. Many of them are shot in cheongsam. They are very classic. My product inspiration is also from this.


He Wei is designing the size of the lion head with a paper skin design. Southeast.com reporter Lin Xianchang Photo

He Wei introduced that in the south, there are the traditions and customs of lion dance to welcome the Chinese New Year, and resign from the New Year. “I am also polishing a leather wake -up lion head, first designing the appearance and specifications of the lion head according to the paper skin, and then making it with cowhide.” He Wei said that this product takes 2-3 months to be good because it can be good because this product is good because The hand order process is more complicated.

“Both products are completed together with other non -heritage projects. The” talented girl comb “cooperates with the teacher of the non -heritage Fuzhou Corner Comb, and cooperate with Mr. Zheng, the inheritance of the non -heritage Fuzhou lantern.” He Wei said that in the past two years, he has also tried to cooperate with different non -non -heritage projects to collide with different sparks.

The reporter learned that the lacquer leather box and rattan patent pillow, lanterns, mirror boxes, and “barrel stones” were once the “five major dowry” that needed special preparation when Fuzhou folk marriage. The years have flowed. Once upon a time, except for the lantern, the other four were extinct in the rivers and lakes.

In recent years, He Wei has also used new media technology to promote traditional skills. Southeast.com reporter Lin Xianchang Photo

He Wei was originally an executive of an online game company. He abandoned high -paying positions more than ten years ago and focused on learning arts, which continued and developed the production process of the lacquered leather box. In 2018, the production process of the lacquer leather box was listed as the fifth batch of intangible cultural heritage representative projects in Fuzhou. He Wei became a district -level inheritor. He said: “I didn’t think it would be long at first. Be careful 10 years have passed. “In the full period of the lacquer full suitcase, the manufacturer’s production of each box, paying attention to providing customers with personalized” private customization “, plus the quality is too good, which is known as” old Fuzhou people from the old Fuzhou people. ‘Lv’ “.


According to the memories of the old hand artist in the Fuzhou leather goods industry, the production process can be traced back to the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. It is said that after Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan, a leather artisan craftsmanship in Fuzhou repurchased the saddle of war horses. According to legend, the gold and silver with cavalry hidden in the saddle is soft, and the leather artisan has accumulated the “first bucket of gold”. After returning to Rong, he opened the first shop specializing in making a suitcase. Later skill. History books have recorded that during the Qing Dynasty, the court sent Fujian officials Chen Yan to return home to convene a capable craftsman into Beijing to make royal suitcases. (Southeast Network Reporter Lin Xianchang)

Source: Southeast Net

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