Northern Songhu Tian Kiln Printed Bowl

The glaze is smooth and moisturized, the tire is delicate, and the pattern is exquisite. It is a fine product in similar porcelain.

A diameter 18 cm

The glaze is white and green, with a strong jade texture; the mouth of the mouth, the white tire, the wall of the tire is extremely thin;

北宋 湖田窑 印花碗

Huntian kiln is one of the most famous kiln farms in Song Dynasty. The blue and white porcelain is famous for its “white Ruyu, bright as mirror, thin as paper, sound like a puppet”.Compared with the blue and white porcelain of other kiln mouths, the blue and white porcelain glaze of the lake field kiln in Jingdezhen is pure and elegant.Jade ware, known as “Rao Yu”.This bowl mouth should be inlaid with gold and silver with high specifications.