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Small and fresh artifacts are doll shirts

Even if the summer has not really arrived, we have to prepare the beautiful clothes this summer in advance. And many girls accidentally get up in winter, and at this time they need a stylish baby shirt to cover meat artifacts. It is also a cute -like doll, and it is also an artifact that is over -reduced. At the same time, it can help the body with a slim body but fat on the abdomen, and the increased waistline can make the legs more slender. A top that can also be used as a maternity dress, it is really fashionable and practical.

The clothes are pleated, the loose version, it is super recommended, the length is also suitable for the skirt to wear. 166 can be worn as a skirt. You can refer to it. The color is very good suitable for summer, so that you are beautiful. It is really a very beautiful baby shirt. You can wear it as a jacket or a skirt.

Chiffon pleated doll shirt


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A new popular style of doll shirts this year. The following with shorts is super long legs, and leggings with bottoming leggings are also very thin. It is a loose version, and girls with flesh can also wear it. The light blue is extraordinarily skinny, the upper body is thin and chiffon makes people wear more comfortable. A cute doll shirt, just like it.


Han Fan chiffon doll shirt

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The round necklange is wearing, the shoulder sleeves are designed and the sleeve style is the middle sleeve. The A -line skirt is extremely short -to -long, and the irregular skirt can better modify the figure. The loose and large -size version, simple model, more body MM can easily control, cotton and linen blending makes people wear more comfortable.

Korean version of linen doll shirt

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Do you think this dress is not the same as my usual style, the super sweet grid Feel. It feels like a small girl. The careful machine is behind, there is a small square -shaped back, both chic and sexy. The design of the lotus leaf sleeves makes the whole dress sweeter, and the age is full. The black and white grid is a long -lasting color.

Korean version of the back doll shirt

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There is such a jacket that keeps my dear, and the temperament stands up, which is more soft and gentle with the wearer. Super immortal embroidery top, a national style. The simple version of the hem is super thin and covered with flesh, and the upper body is very immortal. The neckline and cuffs are decorated with cuffs, elegant and beautiful, with pants and skirts are beautiful.

Korean embroidered doll shirt


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At first, I liked this lazy version, and the upper body effect was particularly good. From the striped shirts of loose clothes, you can see that childhood ignorant and well -known self. Sweet doll collar, delicate bubble sleeves, and the effect of age and tenderness are really not famous. It is enough to cover the loose clothing of the lower abdomen and cleverly modify the waist and abdomen.


Striped doll shirt


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The chiffon doll shirt is soft enough to listen to the name, and the age is reduced. The design is very intentional, the upper body is thin stripes, the lower body is large pleated, and the lines are full of clothes. The neckline is a small round neck, which is scattered with small V -shaped switching at will. The fluffy tight side seven -point sleeves, and the elegant temperament of a small woman. The hem is falling, and walking will naturally swing comfortable and free. The increasingly hoarded meat can be hidden in.

Pleated seven -point sleeve doll shirt

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The loose A sub -version of the doll shirt, does not pick people. Cuicui’s green and very small and fresh floral, the upper body is not a normal age reduction. It is very good with denim shorts and pencil pants. The versatile in summer is a top that is worth collecting in your wardrobe. It is such a wayward beauty that makes you encounter him being attracted by it.


Stitching floral doll shirt

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