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How does the jewelry symbol do not “break” with the younger generation?

Zhong Tianyang


Almost every month, or even every week, emerging online buzzwords will be pushed to the forefront. These buzzwords have become a new vocabulary for self -expression of the younger generation, and also constitute the language of their communication. Just like the meaning of YYDS in 2021, the meaning of YYDS can no longer communicate with the post -00s, and for the Jewelry brand with a century -old history, if you cannot create a new symbol and show a clear attitude, it will soon be with the younger generation. ” Broken connection.

From a butterfly ribbon to a stabbing iron line

As soon as the Spring Festival in 2022, Tiffany released a new jewelry series called Tiffany KNot. “KNOT” means “knot” -the testimony of the ribbon with the nodular tone as a testimony of love, which has a precedent in the history of jewelry style changes.


Tiffany KNOT series jewelry

However, the new Tiffany KNot series jewelery presented this time has broken the public’s inherent understanding of “KNOT”. This series is inspired by the iconic architectural elements on the streets of New York, which gives industrial shapes. It is no longer a soft ribbon, but it is more like a wire, tough and firm, and even with sharp corners. Under the interpretation of Tigany’s global brand spokesperson Anya Taylor-Joy, this new series of jewelry shows the unruly unruly younger generation.

It happened that a hundred years ago, the French who had just ended the battle seemed to be seeking spiritual healing and began to show their love for soft ribbons, which also gradually emerged from the diamond broom of the bow and ribbon design. Hundred years later, at the current “Dynamic and Dynamic, Dynamic and Terminal” Van Cleef & Brally Jewelry Art Exhibition, the ribbon has also become a clue of the exhibition, telling the jewelry style a century ago. Two compared to reflecting, people can feel the sharp iteration of jewelry symbols.

At the “Dynamic Static, Dynamic, Hundred Years” Van Cleef & Brexing Advanced Jewelry Art Exhibition, the ribbon has also become a clue of the exhibition. It tells the jewelry style a century ago.

When “KNOT” was given a new form and significance under the interpretation of Tiffany, wearing jewelry and the message conveyed by jewelry itself also changed interesting changes. Just like a word, a new significance will be extended in a century. The elements and symbols used in jewelry design continue to grow with the trend. Each change and innovation, symbols become the main body of narrative.

Write a new footnote for classic symbols


Want to win the favor of young people, like Tiffany’s new form of inherent symbols, it is indeed bright, but re -interpreting the original classic elements of the brand and giving them new significance is also a more secure innovation Essence


Among the many iconic design symbols of Chanel, the diamond pattern applied by the Coco Crush Jewelry series is unique and unique. This symbol composed of a three -dimensional cross line is taken from the diamond -shaped stitching of Chanel’s classic bag 2.55. The corresponding style of the lambskin is the soft, classic and not error style. However, under the interpretation of the jewelry designer, these staggered diamond lines have been given a sense of power -like power, and the young temperament of unruly and courageous breakthroughs has jumped up. · The incarnation of Chanel spirit.

Chanel Coco Crush series

As explained by the brand: “Coco Crush is a passion. A kind of passion for pursuit of enthusiasm and freedom. No freedom, charm and unsustainable. Pursuing style, refusing to be trending around Attitude has become the focus of the new generation of jewelry symbols, and it has also become a new vocabulary for the younger generation.

For example, the high -end jewelry series LV Volt launched by Louis Vuitton has opened a new chapter of self -decoding -the design language of the letters L and V, the Louis Vuitton watch and jewelry art director FranceSca AMFITHETROF In the architectural aesthetics of jewelry.


Louis Vuitton LV Volt Upside DOWN series

The free rotating letter L and V are the iconic design of the LV Volt Upside Down series. The connection constitutes a lightning -like totem. It is also like a momentary electrostatic induction, showing concise and eye -catching fluctuations. The most special design is a gold ring. On the side of the ring wall, the V -shaped pattern is outlined with diamonds. Appreciation from the side is naturally nested like two first letters.


Create a new language with new symbols

The attitude of the younger generation, if writing in classical Chinese, may be angry, but there is a little free and unruly and self -meaning, as well as the jewelry symbols. Want to clearly and directly think that the younger representative of the young one, the jewelry brand also needs to create a new symbol to tell new stories.

Cartier Clash de Cartier series

Relief is the simplest and direct way to show attitude. Following the first time in 2019, the Clash de Cartier series captured everyone’s attention with its traditional design aesthetics. In this series, Cartier boldly uses iconic geometric elements: rivets, ballpoints and square nails, showing the Clash de Cartier series in a playful and smart posture. The edge is revealed, but the touch is soft; the shape is bold, but it is dexterous and soft; the Clash de Cartier series will turn the contradictions into unification, blooming the double -sided charm: a soft and dazzling side, the dare.

Cartier Clash [Un] Limited series

In Cartier and the new Clash [UN] Limited series launched at the end of 2021, the designer showed the infinite tension under the collision of opposition through the sharp geometric lines and exaggerated three -dimensional shapes, creating conflict beauty. The prominent rivet elements have become the focus of the jewelry series: exaggerated size, proud posture, and bold use of black and white color matching.

In order to strengthen the connection with the Clash series and the younger generation, Cartier also announced in August 2021 that the younger generation actor Lily Collins became the image ambassador of Clash [Un] Limited series jewelry.

Bao Shilong Jack de Boucheron series

Bao Shilong’s Jack de Boucheron series is even more direct. The designer introduced the headset plug into the jewelry design, so that each time wearing jewelry, it seemed to open a music party. The wearer can also use creativity to freely combine different bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry items to create their own different kinds of jewelry. In the HOLOGRAPHIQUE limited jewelry series, the head -type jewelry buckle in the center of its chain ring is replaced by ceramics and covered with holographic coating, showing the green, red and blue dreamy shadow, flashing.

Editor in charge: Chen Hua