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How to choose the clothing of newborns? These three are the top priorities, but don’t care about it

Although the process of breeding life is long, it is full of happiness. Finally, when the child is coming, at this time, parents need to prepare the items needed for the child when they are born, such as clothing. In this way, children can wear clean and comfortable clothes when they are born. So, what are the necessary clothes for newborns? How to choose the clothing of newborns?

1. What are the necessary clothes for newborn?


1. Monk robe

For newborns, because the bones have not grown very strong, their necks are softer. Therefore, do not use the clothes on the knees, so it is easy to hurt the child. The warmth of the abdomen is very important, so choosing a monk robe is good, it is more convenient when changing clothes for children.

2. Hat

Novice parents should not think that the hat is only needed when the weather is cold. Even in the hot day, it is best to wear a hat when the newborn goes out. Therefore, newborns cannot adjust their body temperature by themselves. Wearing a hat can keep warm in winter, and in summer, the sun can avoid the sun to the head and protect the newborn.

3. Hugging

When the newborn is born, it is easy to lack a sense of security, and if there is a quilt, you can tightly wrap the newborn and make him feel a greater sense of security, so that the child is not easy to cry. Therefore, the clothes prepared by the newborn must have a quilt.

2. How to choose the clothing of newborns?

1. Choose pure cotton clothes

The skin of the newborn is relatively delicate, so when choosing clothes, you may wish to choose cotton clothes, especially the newborn clothes. Because pure cotton clothes are relatively natural, there are good softness, water absorption, etc., and it is not easy to cause the baby to have allergies.

2. Choose light -colored clothes

In terms of the color choice of clothes, many parents like bright colors and can dress the baby more cute. However, there are more chemicals used in clothes with relatively bright colors, and it is also easy to remain formaldehyde, which is not good for the baby’s health. Therefore, light -colored clothes will be relatively good in choosing color.

3. Try to be as small as possible

Now there are many styles of the baby’s clothes. Pasteting some small sequins or small beads can make the clothes look more high -end and cute. However, there are hidden dangers of these decorations. If the child accidentally eats, it is dangerous. Therefore, the choice of clothing should be as small as possible, the simpler the better.

In short, choosing clothing for newborns is also very particular. Once the choice is not good, it will affect the child’s health. Therefore, on the choice of clothing, you must take a closer look at the ingredients on the label. In addition, if the child grows up to a certain monthly age, if the clothes are not worn, it will be replaced in time.

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