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Higher horse, nylon line, carbon line, which one is the most suitable fish wire that is most suitable for Luya

After contacting Luya, many fishermen will be emotional. Compared with Taiwan fishing, Luya’s systemicity is undoubtedly better. It is not that the cost of Liaya fishing method is more. The guidance of each link is still very particular.

For example, the fish line used by Luya is divided into three types, and it is specially used in different occasions and different links. For old birds, how to choose is not a problem, but for the rookie who has just been exposed to Luya, it is just It is necessary to understand one or two.

The first, PE line

The PE line is also called the woven wire, which uses multiple chemical fibrous woven, and then is made of glue. The advantages and disadvantages of this fish wire are equally obvious. This is the most useful fish wire for Luya.

The first advantage of the PE line is that the tensile value is large, the line diameter is small, and the tensile value is large. The influencing factors are relatively small.

Secondly, the PE wire is wear -resistant. In the process of throwing, there is almost no need to worry about the wear of the fish wire during the closing process, causing the line group to break. The third advantage is that the PE line is not ductile. As long as the line group is straight, there is a signal if there is a mouth, and the distance is far away.

However, how many advantages are there, how many disadvantages, without ductility, there is no elasticity, the spiny fish is unsuccessful, it is not surprising at all, and the line is too fierce and too fast. Dead.

The second, PA cable


The PA cable is the nylon wire. Because the chemical raw material for making nylon is PA, the scientific name of the nylon line is called the PA line. Like the PE line, PA is also the downstream product of oil.

However, different from the PE line, the nylon line is a line, the line diameter is small, and the tensile value is different. The biggest advantage is that the ductility is very good, which has a good effect.


The main advantage is that the production process of the nylon line is very mature and the application is very wide, so the output is very large, the price is very low, and the outer wall of the nylon line is smooth. Very smooth.

Of course, the ductility of the nylon line has led to the relatively slow signal of the fish mouth. In some specific occasions, because of this, it is easy to lose the best rod opportunity because of the large loss of the fish mouth signal.


In addition, because the material density of the nylon wire is not as good as the PE line, the same wire diameter, the tension value of the nylon wire is far inferior to the PE line. When the throwing is thrown, the wind resistance is relatively large, which affects the throw distance.

Third, carbon line


Carbon line does not mean that the fish wire is made by carbon. In fact, in order to ensure the tension value of the fish wire, all nylon wires contain a certain percentage of carbon, but most of the ordinary nylon wires are in each two. The meta -acid unit link molecular structure contains 8 to 15 carbon atoms.

The carbon line uses a single molecular structure to contain 10 binary acids with more than 10 carbon atoms as raw materials, that is, nylon with long -chain binary acid as the main material. High, strong strength, often used in special operations.

Its original use is not used for fishing, but in the process of use, it is found that the application of this nylon line in the water is very powerful, because the number of carbon atoms in the raw materials is different from the general nylon structure. Fish line, so everyone calls it carbon line.

In fact, as far as the current level of civil technology is concerned, 100%pure carbon fish cable is not realistic, and there is no special need. Many small factories use poor information to marked the ordinary nylon lines with thick line diameter as carbon lines as carbon lines. It is also normal.

The carbon line mainly uses the front wire of the Luya, because the front wire is the most stressed and the pressure is the most, and the high -strength wear resistance and tensile resistance of the carbon wires just meet the characteristics of this.

In actual combat, we should use the lines and simple induction according to the actual situation, which is the complex venue. We use the PE line with durability. There is no need to worry about the situation of the line.


The water surface is pioneered and the aquatic plants are small, so use the nylon wire. If Luya’s distance is relatively short, the target fish is small, and the small PE line is definitely better. If the bait used is heavier, the nylon line of the large line diameter is definitely not as good as the PE line.


Of course, how to choose the specific comparison according to its own economic situation and technical situation. There is no conclusion at all. Regardless of the fishing method, we must comply with resources first, technology second, and equipment third, third, third, and third equipment. Do not superstitize the price.