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Hand-knitted bracelet, highlighting fresh and natural!

1 · Bohemian ceramic bracelet, emerald green beads, with the hands of the painting, with fresh daisy pendants, turned into a soft girl.


2 · Bronze small leaves retro personality, plus two ceramic beads of different shapes, pure hand-knit, intensive and retro, attractive …


3 · Compare classic marijuana woven, green is fresh, wear it in the hands.


4 · The modern ceramic jewelry combines with traditional woven processes, creates a bracelet of a thousand poses, and fashion is popular in the world.

5. Pure handmade, simple and fashionable, get up with temperament.


6 · All hand-made bracelets, very fashionable, unique, unique.


7. The thin bracelet with the ceramic material is mixed with the ceramic material, and there are many options for ceramic decoration.


8 · Multi-layer braided bracelet, there is a bell, a bean embellishment, creative gift