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Regular medical examination Guangben Feng Fan Maintenance Experience

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定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

In the actual vehicle process, in order to save money, many owners gave up in special store maintenance and transfer to the “roadside booth”. In fact, the maintenance of the special store is not only maintenance, including a large number of professional inspections, giving up in the special store for maintenance, in fact, is also abandoned a “medical examination” for your car. Today, we bring you a maintenance experience of GAC Honda Feng Fan, and it is different from the maintenance of the special store.

First of all, it is recommended that the owner is at least half a day (best in advance) and the special store, it is said that the Guangzhou Auto Honda special store can do “40,000-kilometer maintenance (5,000 kilometers per room)” The maintenance of the reservation of non-peak periods can enjoy the “59 minutes of payment” service to make an appointment, that is, it takes only 59 minutes to pay from the vehicle to the maintenance, which is the “god speed of most car companies.” “. Of course, the premise is that you need to arrive at the special store in accordance with the agreed time.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

The 4S shop we maintained was located in Guangqi Honda, Guangfeng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. It is a 4S shop in Guangqi Honda in Beijing.

After coming to the 4S shop, after-sales consultants will check the body’s integration and vehicle mileage, and record.

The owner confirmed the record after the record, and the key to the after-sales consultant, the step of picking up the car, was completed.

After that, after-sales consultants will communicate with the owners and give the most suitable maintenance solutions.

This time we have a more comprehensive understanding of the price, so choose the maintenance package of “oil + three filtered”, total 707 yuan (including labor time), including 195 yuan, engine oil and other supplies and its prices More detailed introduction.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

After determining the order, the owner can go to the lounge to rest. The lounge is clean and open, and you can see the working conditions in the workshop in real time.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Overall, Guangqi Honda’s after-sales price is cheap, the service is thoughtful, but the truth of maintenance has to see the true chapter in the workshop.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

After-sales price & service experience

First, introduce the materials used in this maintenance, and the price.

Guangqi Honda Feng Fan maintenance materials

Maintenance material

Price (yuan)

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Engine oil

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验


Oil filter

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验


定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Air conditioning filter


定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Air filter


Gasoline additive

140 yuan

Aika car network table

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Among them, the oil is a special semi-synthetic engine oil in Guangqi Honda, which is used for its I-VTEC technology, which is suitable for use above the 20 degree environment. Speaking here, I also give you a wake up, don’t “other ways” in the choice of oil, try to use the manufacturer’s oil specified by the manufacturer, at least safely, the gasoline additive is specially prepared for oil products with higher Chinese impurities The manufacturer suggested plus a bottle every 5000km.

After the maintenance technician will take the car into the workshop, check the work of various switches in the car.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

Then, open the engine cover and check if there is a leakage situation. Beijing’s climate is extremely obvious, so inspections on antifreeze and other conditions are very important.

After the check is correct, raise the vehicle, remove the waste oil and investigate the chassis of the vehicle.

In the chassis check, you can often find problems that are not easy to find in our daily lives. For example, if the screws hanging the screws, these small details are sufficient to lead to a big risk.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

The last process of the vehicle “medical examination” is to unload the wheel and check the wear of the brake pad and the brake disc to ensure the safety of the daily driving.

定期体检  广本锋范保养体验

After all the “medical examination” projects are completed, the maintenance technicians take the oil change, install the air filter, oil filter, etc., complete the maintenance.

After completing the maintenance, after-sales consultants will also be labeled in the upper left corner of the front windshield of the vehicle, remind the owner’s next maintenance mileage and maintenance time.


From this experience, the maintenance operation of Guangqi Honda special store is very professional, and it is very detailed for small details that affect the safe driving of vehicles. In addition, compared to large maintenance prices of more than 1,000 yuan such as Volkswagen, Ford and other brands, the price of Guangqi Honda Feng Fan maintenance is very affordable. For a long time, I have never maintained in special stores, it is time to go to the store to make a full range of “medical examination” for your car.

Professional workshop operation