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In the autumn season, you need these “high-quality” insulation cups to restore the vitality!

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In the autumn wind, the best items should be the best, in addition to keeping warm clothes, it should be a good-looking and warm cup! If you are disgusting about the ugly ugliness in the conventional insulation cup, I will recommend a few cups that grabbing the eyes and insulation ~ I have recovered the Yuanqi!

-S’Well Bottle-

The coolest cup of INS

More than 70 degrees, 8 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours


This cup has been over Ellen Show, with countless magazines, in INS infinite scenery, casually, all kinds of sunlight. Founded in New York’s S’Well Bottle, the bottle is cast in high anti-hot precision stainless steel, and powerful cold-cooling is effective, and the drink can be used to bring anywhere. It is said that it is designed to be unique insulation bottle shape, in order to evoke people to reduce the usage of ordinary bottles. So beautiful, not so sorry such a shape!


Swell Bottle insulation effect is also very outstanding, 24-hour cold insulation, heat insulation 12 hours. The inner layer adopts high quality 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly, and vacuum technology to ensure fresh in the cup.

The WOOD series is very amazing, full of natural and natural, but each top pattern is pure hand painted, non-solid wood, and feels first.

You can also buy more different colors, match the joins of the same color, and the estimated office will see the following harmonious scene, it has already laughed.


There are also couples, like “HIS & HERS” below, if this winter male globe wants to give his girlfriend warm, send this cup plus a “drink more water”, killing is absolutely 200%!


And on November 3, Starbucks + S’well Bottle will exit cross-border collaboration! The cold black and the gorgeous champagne, full of full, and hurry to go to Star Buck in two days!


Starbucks + S’Well Bottle cross-border collaboration

– Thermos Thermos

Dazzling stunning cooperation


68 degrees or more, 9 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours

The name of the aunt is not enough to say more, I don’t have to say more! If you want to find a reliable insulation cup, choose it right. Maybe everyone thinks that the magic is a Japanese brand, is actually not oh! The thermos was established in Berlin in Germany in 1904, and in 1995, the doctrine was jointly in China.


In addition to the insulation cup, the thermal glasses of the thermos are also the first choice for many people, and the winter is used to boil the porridge.

-Thermos amazing cooperation –


In addition to the basic paragraph, the thermos makes the fans, which is nothing to have in the same amount of collaboration. In the integration of cultural and brand cultures, many models can be used in amazing, and the situation of robbing the goods often appears.

[Thermos Impression Master Cup]

The Impressive Master Cup Series four, which are two landscape series and two flower series, Van Gogh “Starry Night” and “Iris, Monet” Sunrise · Impression “,” Watching Lily “, imagined, The master’s classic painting is held in your hand!

[Thermos × Starbucks]

Starbucks and the mug of the mild partners are quite a very different, and different designers have a very different texture, because the quantity is too much, I will pick a few more than a hot look to everyone ~


2015 Sakura Quarter Limited Edition


Powder tender, look at a girl’s heart is flooding.


Fujihara Haoogency


Male must prepare for the saving, camouflage fan cool.


The thermos and Costa coffee 2015 Christmas collaboration, the annual Christmas elk is full of hot, last year, it is “going to the shelf.” This year, Costa and the thermists jointly broke up, launch 14 beautiful cups, 350ml, 400ml, 500ml The cups meet the needs of different people.


The royal knight, the royal dance JNL400 ultra-light material, slender cup type, black frosted cup body, low-key gorgeous feeling.

[Thermos × line]

Ni Rabbit & Brown Bear Insulation Cup

Line’s Brown Bear and Ni Ni Rabbit are a good choice for a couple ~ Winter and beloved TA one person!


[Thermos × Bruno]


This special white cup is Bruno collaborates with the thermos, launched white enamel lasers. You can choose your own letter, and the cup immediately has a exclusive sense.


*** Japanese version of the magic and the Chinese version of the magician is different. ***


Looking at Tianjin, you have to polish your eyes to pay attention to the cup (in the bottom of the cup, oh ~ ~ hiding very deep) Japan’s selling version of the magic will have a unique THERMOS.kk logo, this is a domestic No!

Tiger Tiger-

Extramight weight

More than 71 degrees, 7 degrees or less, 6 hours


Japan’s tiger insulation cup brand found in 1923, there are various specifications and styles, after a long time development and improvement, the manufacturing technology of the insulation cup has been quite mature, due to the high quality, external beauty, and is deeply received by consumers welcome. At present, the tiger insulation cup can be divided into cute / cartoon type from the style; simple type; three categories of sports type.

Cute cartoon type


Children’s cup

Cute type is more suitable for children, and it is creative by Japanese artist design, and it is more than 6 hours and more than 6 hours. Many children have problems that don’t like to drink water. If you prepare such a cute cup, I believe that the child will drink it very diligently!


“Dream Major” Ultra Light Water Cup

Tiger super light “dream gravity” series

Simple Tiger Molding Cup is suitable for adults, simple design, and generous. It is stable in ordinary. And there is also a “dream gravity” series, ultra-light, cup internal cup wall seamless design! 300ml is only 130g, especially suitable for carrying it.




[Tiger × Adidas Limited Edition]

The tiger also has many sportswater cups, and it can be used with Adidas to introduce powder, blue, black limited edition sportswater cup, sports or travel, etc. Outdoor movement.


– 象 印 zojirushi-


Insulation bubble tea is easy to use


Japan is printed from 1918 to develop “magic bottles” in Japan, Kasaka, which has been developed, continuous innovation, and finally developed rice cookers, electric water bottles and other products. It is a great choice for many drivers.

The image of the printed cup can carry it with you, lightweight without leakage, self-locking key function, prevent unintentional open, super humanized design. Upgrade anti-condensed condensation design, carrying cold drinks! Capacity is 0.48L. The holding time is 6 hours (more than 68 degrees, 9 degrees or less).

If you like to drink tea, you can also choose a cup with a tea feature, soak a cup of hot tea in winter, and you will warm up.

-TAFUCO / TA Fu high insulation cup –


Good to travel out

65 degrees or more, 10 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours


The Taifu Insulation Cup is a Japanese insulation cup brand, which has been supplying Japan, South Korea, and Europe, starting domestic sales in China in 2010. Special opening design, more convenient and safe than the average thermos cup.

In addition to everyday use, Thaifao’s outdoor kettle is also a good choice, carrying and convenient removing jackets to meet different outdoor movements.


Thaifao is also a famous sensitized thermocycle brand of Japan. If you want to choose a safe insulation product, this is also a good choice.

Finally, come to Zhang Tailifu’s high product family!

– Contik Contigo-

Single-hand operation is suitable for driving

54 degrees or more, 3 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours


Kandis CONTIGO was born in Chicago, USA, the biggest feature of the cup is one hand, one-click function. Its company has registered inventive patents in the United States, EU, China, Japan, etc., plus unique patented sealing design, and now it has become the best-selling drinking cup in the United States.

The above Kandis’s car vacuum thermos cups use double-layer stainless steel design, vacuum sealing technology, hot drinks for 4 hours, cold drinks 12 hours. Kandis created three patented sealing technologies, 100% leak-leak-proof and anti-leak-leakage cups, ensuring a good safety and safety of a single-handed cup drinking water, and is suitable for the cup holders in most ordinary models.



Parked insulation


72 degrees, 10 degrees, 6 hours can be thermally

IKEA’s thermal insulation cup is cheap, and there is no plastic taste, and IKEA’s thing materials are more environmentally friendly. The red cup is equipped with a light green bottle, and a retro blister has also been produced.


IKEA two insulation cups are stainless steel liner, the outer casing is paint, the cover is a plastic cover, and 39 is not inner covered.

The capacity of 39 yuan is slightly large, but there is no tea filter, and the inner cover of 29 will definitely the insulation effect is better, the price is 10 yuan. Cake sister thinks that 29 red looks better, two cupsome measuring capacity is 100ml.

IKEA’s thermal insulation cup series is cheap, several series of substantially 29.9-39.9 yuan, but the insulation effect can not be a little tiger!


Some netizens said that the warm water drove in 12 o’clock noon auctions, and opened to drink until nine o’clock in the evening. Such an inexpensive cup can achieve such an insulation effect, absolutely conscience products.

– 无 印 品 MUJI-

Extremely simple

64 degrees or more, 9 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours

The insulation cup of the non-printing has been divided into two styles, presses and openings. Heating for 64 degrees or more and 6 hours, 9 hours or less.

The design of the cup cover is also very reasonable, it is not easy to sprinkle water, and it can also ensure the temperature of the water in the cup. If you like simple style, you can consider it!

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68 degrees or more, 9 degrees can be insulated for 6 hours