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At the aged woman, try more this summer, this “wave skirt”, retro noble is very elegant

If you want to choose a single product that can embody women, you can make women look more and more and more delicate.


There is a lazy style, but it is not like printed, but it is romantic, elegant and fashionable.

Fashion ICON Diana Wang Hao is a loyal enthusiast of the point element, attending the banquet and activities, often can see her pole dress. Whether it is black or white or white in white, it can be done by her, and there is an elegant and confident to everyone.


Kate Wang Hao is also a fan of the wave.

Perhaps the point element has become a royal classic representative element. Then, I will introduce you to the wave dresses wearing many fashion Icon, especially those who have been 50 in the year, I want to show elegant and noble, and the wave skirt is essential:

How to choose 01 wave skirt?

Why is anyone wearing a wave? Someone is full of fashion?


This is because the wave point seems to be simple, but contains a lot of details, and the slight difference can bring a large change in style. So I want to wear a wave skirt and need to understand the gene properties of the wave point.

1 style selection


Although it is a wave point, the size of the wave point is different, and the style is more than 100,000 miles.

For example, a large-wave point will give people a retro generous, but there will be the risk of older gas. It is relatively high for temperament, and more suitable for people who have a strong sense of mature or need to choose some design ear. In addition, the large-wave point is strong because of its own existence, and it will be expanded in the visual. When wearing, you must learn to be cleverly resolve.


In contrast, the small wave point is extremely romantic, and it is very suitable for the five officials and small Asian women. It can also wear refreshing and clean feelings.

2 color options

In addition to the size of the wave point, the feeling of the wave skirt gives people also affected by the background. Because the base color can determine the color of the overall contour, it is also important to choose the wave point.

It is best to wear the most basic white-bottom black dots, and the refreshing feeling is the first. The white-in-white dress is also simple, generous, and everyday commutation is incorrect. Choose rice white, white as a base color wave skirt error chance is relatively small, more insurance.

Black bottom is very obvious, but it is better to be refreshing, and it is slightly mature.

The same is true of blue blue.


Compared with the foundation color, red, yellow, green … is more personality. Red has a more rich retro style, but there is a very strong, especially the big red is more difficult to control, and it is recommended that the combination of brown red bottom white spots, the upper mirror is full, and there is a woman taste.


Green is not used to say, full of life. However, ink green is more calm, it is easy to operate, light green, and has the risk of dark skin. For middle-aged women, it is more recommended to choose this colorful color than the ink green, just a pair of high heels are very gas field.


Yellow is more lively, freely tied the head, and it is very fashionable with a pair of toned shoes. But for someone who is yellowish or dull, it is relatively friendly. If you want to choose, you will be more recommended to choose a ginger, and the neckline will be more friendly.

In addition, regardless of the color of the choice, it must be taken to take the desired, and the overall effect is considered, do not cover a small loss because of the masking of a part.


3 style selection

As mentioned earlier, many volatile skirts have the risk of old-fashioned, it is best to choose the design. For example, like this shirt unwounded two buttons, or a sleeveless wave skirt.


Alternatively or using streamers, bubble sleeves, doll collar, etc., to increase the trendy feeling of wave skirts.

Detail of the 02 wave dot dress


1 shoe match

Although the wave skirt is enough, it will pay more attention to the matching of details. For example, the choice of shoes is the best choice for the wave dresses, which is the same color or the same color, not only visually unified, more optimized, and extend the overall proportion. Especially in middle-aged women, many times the shape is good, it is on the shoes.

When choosing basic color, such as white and black, a pair of red or bright shoes are more charming.

2 Accessories

The wave skirt itself has a romantic property, then when matching, choose a similarity to its style, and its style properties will be stronger, and the visual beauty will be stronger. For example, this body, red sling wave skirt, take a loose white shirt, a straw hat, a pair of exaggerated earrings are romantic.

3 selection of hairstyle

For wave skirts, I want to wear and is very fashionable, and the choice of hairstyles is also important. As such a slight messy curly hair is very style, with the romance of the wave point, the retro feel is full.


Ok, regarding the dressing of the spread skirt, I will share it here, what is the most built in summer? Welcome to our commentary or private letter message to us ~


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