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Jin Ya Ya Pear Pink Boats Easily anddate Legs

Most of the entertainment circles have an outstanding super high value, which makes people remember their characteristics at a glance, of which Golden Ya is a very personal star, and now she finally had a job.


She and her boyfriend Jin Xiaolou signed a company company company, and believe that she will bring you more exciting in the future. She prominently the long phase makes her have a good abilities for all kinds of wear and shape.

Even if a person in the eyes of the earth, it can expand the fashion feeling in her body. There is a high heel shoes called Golden Ya, from the front, it is like a naked sock.

But amazing is that it is completely different from the side, this is a pair of white and fans alternately with high heels. This color is simply a “life” of the girls, how can I resist the temptation.


The focus is integrated with fashion and leisure. It is easier and concostatic long legs. After wearing it, it is definitely the most embarrass of the whole street. Everyone thinks that the pair of this pair of shoes is good to see?

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