Camping Lights

Fiction: Fiance with her shopping mall, no fine, see the beauty of a second, she fried

Van Sizhen looked at the river, suddenly asked: “Jiang Ya, you said that I don’t buy it?”

The salesman said: “Do you know? All are friends, then you believe in our products, your friend will not deceive you.”

Van Sizhen obliquely sells the salesman, and Jiang said: “We are still a student, actually don’t use.”

Van Si is busy nod, then put down the air cushion: “Yes, I also think, and I just settled a new set of air cushions of Chanel, only one month, still count, let go.”

When she fell, she quickly greeted the river: “I have to go back to eat, are you ending in the afternoon? I gone first?”

“Good.” Jiang Yi sound.

Van Si is also likes to go, if it is the beginning of the month, the mushroom bits it, but now it is in the middle of the month, and there is not much money in your hand. I really have to buy it, waiting for the wind this month.

Buying something she still quizs ingredients, unlike Zhao Xueling, often overrun.

However, after the Human Zhao Xue Ling exceeded, as long as she made a call at home, she cried, she was casually prepared, and her family gave her money. It’s different from people to others.

Fan Sizhen, the salesman swept the eye, “Do you know?”

“My classmate.” Jiang Yazhen said.

“No wonder, still students, if you can’t afford, don’t come in, you can’t say it …”

“She is a rich second generation, she has no money, but there is money at home.” Jiang I can’t help.

Salesman Zhang Zhangkou, finally shut up.

Fan Sizhen returned to school, she thought that part-time is very relaxed, I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. Such a part-time job, she can’t do it. So Jiang, still hard.

Jiang Haqi took a box of rice at noon, and a small meeting was started again.

The seniors said in the morning, in the afternoon, it is not so much.

Makeup counters here, the company’s salesman is different in the afternoon, but the makeup model is one, so she is almost all the day.

Promoting today is not easy to drag the Shengjiang coming out, nor to buy things, I want to spend Shengjiang to accompany her.

Promised a coffee in Apollo Mall, every coming out of the street, the coffee there is her must buy.

Shengjiang came to play from returning to China, vowed to do a career.

However, after so long, every night is outside, sleep until the afternoon during the day, the ambition is delayed.

And since the unity of Xu, Qi Sheng’s two comments, it can also appear in the family.

This is not, today I don’t care about the black face of Shengjia Da, and I will drag the river to come out with her.

Shengjiang came to a good temper to the girl, and I would like to don’t hate it without rejection.

People have to the Apollo Square, Shengjiang is sleeping yet, and the whole person is still groggy.

Promoted to get off the bus: “I have to be engaged, how do you still play? Jiang Lai brother, let’s drink coffee, I guarantee that the taste is unique in the cloud. The boss of the coffee shop said, he cooked for the royal Coffee? A famous barista in foreign countries. “

Shengjiang is not interested in those who are not interested: “I am not my four uncle, I don’t drink coffee, I only drink foreign wine.”

“Are you drinking enough at night? Go, let’s go to drink cup of coffee, then look at the movie, is it good?” The whole person hangs in Shengjiang, and the bird is in love. .

“What is good?” Shengjiang came helpless.

A promise no matter: “I want you to sit with me, I am fantastic countless times, you will take me to sit after returning to China, Jiang Lai brother …”

“Okay.” Shengjiang came to yawn, “I have to watch movies?”

Home 5D stereo surround private theater does not look, come to the mall, the brain has problems.

“Well, other couples will watch movies together. I want to experience the feeling of falling in love with you, otherwise, we will be engaged in next month, but it seems that I have not really talked about love.” Promise In Shengjiang, there is a tailor.

Shengjiang couldn’t help but spit: “Your woman is more spectating.”

“That is not a spectator, people are love you.” Xu Nuojiao.

Shengjiang came to approach the mall, one lifted, hey, see acquaintance.

He directly went out to kneel on his body as the bag, and he walked toward Jiang.

“Hey, Xiao Niu, meet again. We are really award, I can meet you.” Shengjiang came to face the smile, and there was no fine.

Jiang hangs, can’t help but frown, it is really what you can see him.

Salesman is a man, busy recommendation: “Mr., our new product listing, star main push, today’s activities, discounts, give your girlfriend?”

Shengjiang came to sweeping his eyes, took the bottle of sunscreen with your hand: “What brand? Is it not rotten?”

“Mr., you will really joke, our home can be two old brands, absolutely safe and reliable. After the makeup makes makeup, the makeup face is very fresh and clean, see the left and right faces of our models, after the makeup The difference between makeup, you will be at a glance, our brand is the most trustworthy in the market. “

The salesman is tall, Shengjiang is coming: “Girl, you sell cosmetics here is really invoice, I am alone, there is no person who can be delivered.”

“Sir, there is no one who has no delivery, send friends, do you have a model of our home, you can buy her.”

The salesman declined, Jiang Rong rejected: “I don’t want it.”

Shengjiang is shrugging: “She is not.”

He suddenly turned, stared at the river. “Hey, Xiao Niu, your plasticity is still strong, it is better to buy a set of you, after going to make a makeup, don’t clear the soup, “

The river is deeply inhaled, and the lips do not respond.

Shengjiang pulled the stool to sit in front of her, under this eye, promised to rush.

A slap is squatting on the river, Jiang just thinks in front of the black, instant ear.

This suddenly changed, the salesman of counter and passers-by scared a big jump. Even the recent Shengjiang came to Jiang and Jiang 兮 himself without reacting.

Jiang Haishu, and was smoke.

Xu promised the eyes, hateful, “人! Send someone in the late night, are you so lacking men?”

Shengjiang came to the face, got up and pushed the promise: “What are you doing?”

Probarated, angry, asked: “You just stay with me shopping, seeing this fox essence and rushed to her. Jiang Lai brother, we will be engaged, you should do this, you should ask you!”

Shengjiang came to calmly and angry: “When you meet a friend, you will say hello, where is wrong?”

Jiang Hao wiped the tears, stood up, and the light makeup did not cover the printed kissa.

“Promise, you don’t have too much!” Jiang Yi loudly.

The promise is squeezed to the Shengjiang, and standing with the river.

“Don’t think that my father is biased to you, you can Hu Zuo, you have a small third, you have to be reported later sooner or later!”

“Promise, if I have to pursue Hu Yan, you may not eat it!” Jiang Haimi said, his eyes are unlikely.

Shengjiang came to hear the promise, and suddenly, he suddenly remembered that there was unclear relationship with him with his father with the promise. Naturally thought that the “small three”, “fox” is because of her father.

Shengjiang came to with the river to have contact, people also stood straight to him, and naturally began to doubt.

“Promise, it is misunderstood, you don’t want her.”

A girl, in the big court, is there, do you want face?

The promise suddenly looked to Shengjiang: “You also help her talk, do you know what kind of person she is? She also seduce you in my face, is this also me?”

“That is not, these beautiful women can testify.” Shengjiang immediately denied.

The salesman is busy: “Yes, Miss, it is misunderstood, we are all, it is normal greetings.”

A few specialists look at each other, suddenly realized that it is no wonder that this model is so persevering, it is privately unfair.

Xu promised to snort: “Is there anything in the hill, can I believe?”

Shengjiang came down: “I promise, don’t give your face, don’t face it, you are doing, what is you like?”

“You think I will give you a face, then you are doing yourself! When I don’t converge with my face, are you still blaming me?” Promised to ask for tears.

Shengjiang came to press the eyebrow, and took a promise hand: “With the river, you have to apologize, promise, I will tell you that today is not finished!”

The promise was scared by the serious expression of Shengjiang, and the tears slipped.


She smashed, but she couldn’t open the hand of Shengjiang.

“Jiang Lai brother, you let me apologize to this third party?”

Shengjiang came to Shen Sheng: “Promise, she is not a third party, I don’t say a code, you are in this fortune today, it is wrong, let you apologize … “

Shengjiang came to anger, promised to raise the chin.

“I don’t apologize! Do you still want to hit me for this fox?”

Shengjiang came to anger, and the master can’t fall: “I have never seen you so unreasonable woman!”

Probaratively questioned: “You are angry for her, for her, I have to hit me, I am not reasonable? Jiang Lai brother, we will be engaged soon, why don’t you help me be partial?”

Shengjiang is really thinking, vigorously dragging a promise to walk a few steps, but it is promised to break away.

“What are you going to work? You are guilty, I have to ask her, why do you want to make me, destroy my family’s harmony, now I have to wrap it. Jiang Lai brother, do you know She is retalian, so she is deliberate close to you, seduce you don’t know? “

Xukara opened the scorpion shouting, so good cultivation lost to Yunxiao, and only took care of his anger.

Shengjiang is shocked, “I didn’t know you before, but I didn’t expect you to be so unreasonable. You look at you, where is a little Miss, promise, you If you are shameful, you still haven’t come out, shake your city, shame! “