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The old woman “is not fragrant”, this winter is more fire is “ugly shoes”, with the coat is still very good.

Every year to winter, the old woman is particularly favored, because the clothes are generally heavy, it is easy to look short and fat, and the old man shoes are thick, there is a high effect, can easily improve the sea level, so prepared popular.

However, this winter is a bit exception, whether it is INS or the domestic fashion blogger,

Everyone seems to prefer this pair of “ugly shoes.” Although the appearance is ugly and Meng, it is worth a special, and it belongs to the type, the better, and the coat is good.

Look, it is “bovine shoes”!


What is “ugly shoes”?


The “ugly shoe” here refers to bovolken shoes, many people feel strange to this name, in fact, it is very kind. Unlike ordinary shoes, bovine shoes are

Round head,


It is a bit like a big head, stupid and feeling.

It is this

The circular bluntness will make people feel relaxed, with casual installations with an ineffective Easy Chic

. Plus it is flat design, can relax your feet, more comfortable, more comfortable, more suitable for daily leisure and shopping.

How does bovolken shoes match?

Burken Shoes + Leisure

The shape of Burken Shoes determines its leisure style, so it is uncomfortable with a casual sweater trousers, T-shirt and jeans is uncomfortable, so it feels particularly relaxation.

The most common form formula in autumn and winter is “

Burken Shoes + Nine Pants + Color Socks “

By exposing an ankle, weaken the bluntness of the shoes, and can make the legs look slim in a narrow contrast.

The ankle portion can be warm through a pair of thick socks, the color of the socks can be colored with the shoes, and the simple feelings. Or choose a pair of colored socks echoed in color

This makes it feel fashionable to wear more eye-catching.

Burken Shoes + Dress

Usually we will match the same style of boots or high heels when wearing a skirt, look more taste. But so we are more suitable for the work dating, etc., etc., everyday casual wear is too eye-catching.


Although Burken Shoes is a bit of a boyfriend, it is not a matter of violation of the dress. It can balance the skirt too charming temperament, more sprinkle, look more natural.

Burken Shoes + Coats

Although the coat is a very strong sense of business, because the version is more modified, it can improve the temperament, which has become a fashion item that is almost a person. but


Many people are easy to have an old feelings in the eyes of this kind of workplace, and they can solve this problem with bovine shoes.

Shoes account for a small amount, but it can affect the entire style.

. The appearance of bovolken shoes is broken and casual, can balance the sharpness of the coat, it looks more affinity, mixing the wind is also more fashionable

. Autumn and winter season with big land color coffee, warm brown Bruken shoes with coats

Retro literary


The temperament, plus the same color bag, there is a fan of Korean sister.

How does boost?

Like all shoes, we must consider its wild and practicality when choosing. First, you can choose on color

High color, such as black gray and big earth, especially warm palm and deep coffee, more autumn and winter atmosphere, if you like retro literary style preferred.

From the material,


Both the surface of Burken Shoes, there are two kinds of light surface and suede, more recommended


Because its shape is very cumbersome, the surface is too smooth, and there is a bare feeling.

big. Suede materials are more textured and fashionable, practical and good! This pair of shoes is ugly, but it is very popular. It is very popular with big clothes!

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