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Mosquito hits Ya Road home boutique mosquito net for you

(Dongguan Ya Road Smart Home Texture, use quality qualified products to create a healthy and comfortable life, eliminate the risk of unqualified products, all products are exported to the Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau strict testing! Dongguan Yaji Smart Home Shares Ltd., formerly Dongguan Yaju Household Textile Co., Ltd.

With the rise of temperature, the weather is gradually comfortable. When we are still in the warm night, are we worried about the irritability of the summer? The appearance of mosquitoes will crush our beautiful imagination of each night’s night.

蚊虫来袭 雅路家居精品蚊帐为您解忧

In the upcoming inflammatory summer, Shanghainese, the brand, the home textile is also newly launched a number of comfortable and beautiful and classic mosquito nets, which can resist mosquitoes, accompany us to spend every night, enjoy the perfect sleep care.

Once upon a time, there is such memories in your mind, the hot summer night, you will fall asleep, and the mother is guarding, while holding a futon fan, it is always mosquito repellent, gentle gaze can always let himself The mood of the mood is calm down, and everything in the dream has become beautiful.

Nowadays, in every sleepless night, often let you think of the tender guard of the past, believe in the latest classic three-opening mosquito nets in Yaji home textiles can evoke the softness in the depths of memory. Warm white, elegant purple, warm pink makes this guardry serene; encrypted billing details, exquisite lace, sturdy glass fiber bracket, convenient and fast double zip design, etc., all make it simple and beautiful Easy. Every night, there is an accompanying companion of Jacilli. It can make you feel the mother’s guard in the dream, and it will definitely let this guardry as always.

Walking all the way, when we look back, whether it will remember the quiet night, will you think of it, the gentle gaze. If you rest, you may lose some important things, but it may be more close to the dream.

蚊虫来袭 雅路家居精品蚊帐为您解忧

Accompanying companionship will let us always, choose Yaju smart home, let the classic three-door mosquito nets give you a family guard. On the way of dream, you have you, I have the companionship of Jacilli, help you spend every beautiful night, gentle guarding.

蚊虫来袭 雅路家居精品蚊帐为您解忧

It is understood that Dongguan Ya Road Intelligent Home Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongguan Yaju Household Textile Co., Ltd.) has developed into research and development, production, sales and services in the bedding, thermal underwear, home clothing and high-grade pantyhose and other products. A large professional enterprise integrating. Has a number of branches, more than a dozen provincial regional marketing centers and distribution centers, the market is currently covered with Northeast, Northwest, Southwest China, Huazhong, South China, East China, six districts, there is a good customer reputation and brand reputation in Greater China. Before the domestic industry ranks.

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蚊虫来袭 雅路家居精品蚊帐为您解忧

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