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What categories and classification methods are solder wire?

Silk wire is also known as tin wire, tin wire, is one of the essential accessories in electronic product welding, then which kind of solder wire can be divided into, what is the classification method, and the solder manufacturer is sorted out. Resolution as follows:

1. Solder wire (tin wire) can be divided into lead-free tin wire and a lead-free tin wire according to its environmental standards. The so-called lead-free tin wire is not a lead, but the lead content is Trace, less than 1000pbm complies with ROHS environmental standards, and the content of tin in alloy ingredients is high, as well as other metal elements such as silver, copper. The main alloy ingredients with lead tin wire are tin, lead, and it is a strict test and experiment to finally determine the best ratio of tin and lead, which is not established, such as 6337 solder wire. The melting point is 183 ° C.


Solder wire

2, solder wire according to metal alloy materials: can be divided into tin-lead alloy solder wire, pure tin soldering wire, tin copper alloy solder wire, tin silver copper alloy solder wire, tin bismuth alloy solder wire, tin nickel alloy solder wire and Solder wire with special tin alloy material.

3. Classifying the chemical ingredients of solder wire and flux including: can be divided into rosin core solder wire, freely cleaning solder wire, solid solder wire, aluminum welding soldering wire, stainless steel solder wire, etc.


Environmentally friendly solder wire

4, according to the melting temperature of the solder wire: can be divided into low temperature solder wire, normal temperature solder wire, high temperature solder wire, the classification here is for melting point, no environmental protection and lead, low temperature solder wire melting point 138 degrees Conventional melting point between 183-227 degrees, high temperature solder wire melting point is 260 degrees.

The above is the complete category and classification method of solder wire. Everyone can have more knowledge reserves and reference when purchasing solder wire, and the knowledge and questions about soldering silk (tin wire, tin wire) can pay attention to the double Chile solder manufacturers, message with us interact.