“Indefight, full disk” – Feng Li F3 radio and card speaker comprehensive evaluation

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First, the small brand of surviving in the clip

In recent years, the DSP chip has completely changed the world’s radio market in recent-scale applications.

The DSP chip provides a medium-biased reception performance that guarantees good consistency of the product, which not only greatly simplifies the peripheral circuit design of the radio, but also reduces the width of the factory.

Briefly, the pass threshold of the radio manufacturer is lowered.

In the past, there were also strong R & D strength, and the radio R & D and production of the manufacturer of the technical personnel reserves can now be undue and completed by the “workshop” small factory.

In the blow of this DSP trend, in just a few years, many of the market gradually emerged, and the main radio and card speaker business was gradually emerged.

These brands are unable to be with “Demheng”, “German”, “Don’t see”, “Newman”, “Wushu”, “Philips”, “Newman”, “Wushu”, “Philips”, “Newman”, “Wushou”, “Philips”, “Newman”, “Wushu”, “Philips”, “Newman”, “Wushou”, “Philips”, With a low price advantage, the extremely high cost is survived in the sashimi of the market.

The front brand is one of them.

The reason why the sharp is a small brand because its product layout is very limited.

I query on Taobao.


The brand’s radio and card speaker product is only two different zones, which are F3 and F58, respectively.

Among them, F3 is divided into standard and deluxe. The F3 of this evaluation belongs to the standard version.

Second, the appearance of coolness

The standard version of F3 has two kinds of red and blue, I chose the blue version when placed. When unpacking and seeing the real machine, a feeling of one thing is:

This vectors blue radio looks like a blue spirit.

About 70% of the front surface of the casing is occupied by the horn, the remaining area is the button control area.


In addition to the 10-9 regular 10 buttons, there are 6 function keys, all of which are used. They are: lights / switches, upper songs / volume -, next song / volume +, play pause / fm, mode / timing, repetitive / lock key.

The left side of the fuselage is inexpensive.

The upper right side of the fuselage is: the flashlight, the headphone jack, and the USB socket.

The top of the fuselage is a TF card slot from left to right, respectively, and a socket suitable for Android joints.

The bottom of the fuselage is at the factory date and anti-demolition stickers.

The rear housing is the left side of the hand, pay attention: The hand rope of this machine also uses the frequency modulation antenna.

Adhesive stickers near the middle position, listed above the product model, power, output voltage, and current, manufacturer and other information. The sticker is the battery border.

F3 uses 1 section 18650 lithium battery.

The right side of the battery is anti-counterfeiting query sticker.

Third, humanized function design

Although I bought this F3 radio, but I bought this F3 radio, but

This machine is still very rich and very human.

3.1 Radio function

F3 is a rambler radio,

There is no medium wave and short wave, the frequency modulation coverage is 87-108 MHz. This machine does not use a routine tie arrow antenna, but

Apply a soft antenna of the hand,

In the following handline detail, two finer lines are fixed lines, and the thick lines are soft antennas. This guarantees both the signal input required by the FM, and can avoid the lever antenna accidentally broken, which is more convenient to use.

F3 can be manually input frequencies on the one hand, and the other hand can automatically search and store the frequency, and then the next song button switches listened frequencies. In addition, you can also adjust the existing frequency of one button.

For example, F3 stores 89.5MHz to the P1 position, the user can automatically switch to 89.5MHz after 3 seconds. These three tuning frequencies are fully available to everyday use.

If you listen, you will be able to calm your phone call, or you need to calm down, then you can use the play pause button to make mute. This design is still very human.

3.2 Card Playback

F3 can be inserted into the TF card, play the existing documents such as music, reviews, and audible readings.

I proceed that it has a break-up performance, which can meet the needs of listening to the review.

If there is more files stored in the card, but also stored in different folders, then there is no need to worry.

F3 provides a intimate folder switching function.

As long as you press the numeric keys 6 and 9 in the pause mode, you can switch back and forth between different folders.


F3 also has a relatively common free selection function,


Just type the corresponding number, the audio file of the corresponding sequence number in the TF card will be played after 3 seconds. If you love to listen to a track, you can set the F3 as a single loop by repeating / lock button. Similarly, it can also be set to play in sequential playback.

★ Here, especially pay attention to: First, when starting, F3 enters the card playback mode by default.

If there is no TF card in the machine, the F3 screen only shows the word “hi” and silently silently.

Second, F3 only supports MP3 an audio format, and does not support audio files in other formats. Third, there is no need to plug TF card, just connect F3 with the computer through the data cable, the user can manage the files in the TF card on the computer.

However, please do not use a randomly attached data cable, as for the reasons, will give a detailed explanation below.

3.3 Computer speaker function

F3 can also be used by a computer’s external speaker.

Use the ordinary Android mobile phone data line to connect F3 with the computer, the word “PC” is displayed on the screen of the F3. At this time, the computer speaker function is enabled, which acts as a computer’s external speaker, which is the majority of laptop users. It is a good expansion function, and finally don’t have tortured the dry voice of the laptop.

★ Especially need to note: First, this function is in the premise that the TF card is not inserted, if F3 is inserted with the TF card, this function is invalid. Second, please do not use a random attached connection.

According to the explanation of the specification, the attached cable has a double function of charging and transmitting data, but

After my actual test, this line does not have a data transmission function, which can only be used for F3 charging.

When I evaluated, the function of this computer speaker cannot be used through the attached cable, so I will consult the customer service staff in Ali Wangwang. They suggested that I changed the data cable. After replacing the data cable of Huawei, F3’s computer speaker function was finally enabled. This is also indirectly confirmed that the manufacturer will replace the wire originally charged and data transmission dual function when the product is exported to inexpensive, only a wire with a charging function.

After replacing the connected data cable, the function of managing the TF card file on the computer is also normal, which is also the reason why I am in the foregoing “Card Features”.

3.4 flashlight, sleep shutdown and other functions

F3 with a flashlight lighting function,

In the power-on state, the short press can turn on the flashlight; if it is short to press the power switch again, it will turn off the flashlight. The brightness is just right, you can cope with your daily use, use it to use it under the bright foot, or use it when you look for items in the dark house, more than enough.


Sleep shutdown function is another very user-friendly function of F3, but also a function I value when I choose a radio.

In the boot state, long press the mode / timing button, the word “15” will be displayed on the screen, and the symbol of the circular clock is displayed. At this time, if this button is frequent, the number on the screen will be displayed in turn 30- 45-60-75-90-105-120, this represents the time of sleep shutdown, the unit is minutes. When the 00 is displayed, the sleep shutdown function is demonstrated.

F3 also has a biochemical lock function, which is commonly known as “button lock”.

In order to prevent the young boyfriend from young friends from being mistaken, the key lock function can be enabled by pressing the repeat / lock button to ensure that the user uses worry-free.


In addition, charging can be charged by an external power supply or a computer USB interface to F3.

It also has both battery protection functions. When it is fully charged, it can automatically protect the battery to avoid overshoot and damage the battery.

Fourth, unmanaged places

Although the front F3 has the above-mentioned humanized functional design, but it should also be pointed out:

It is also lacking in some aspects, and there are unmanned places.

There are also places that make people feel very rampant and uncomfortable.

First, the adjustment volume is required to press the button. I think this is the biggest failure of this machine. It is really that “it is inadvertent, all over the plate.”

F3 integrates “volume-/ volume +” with “previous track / next song” function to two buttons, adjust the volume to press the button. Once the length is pressed, the volume adjustment changes are very fast. If you want to adjust the volume of the right size, it is very difficult, or suddenly, it is either tone. It is very inconvenient to use.

This is what I think so far I think the worst volume is adjusted, there is no one.

Second, switching machine operations require long pressing power switches.

I don’t know why F3 is so loved to “long press” operation, even the simplest switch operator is long, it is really urgent, and I am crazy!

Third, the default volume is 10 after boot.

F3 uses 16-level electronic volume, but I found that when it is turned on, its default volume is 10, not the volume used before the last shutdown. This causes the user to adjust the volume after boot, and volume adjustment is just the most difficult place this machine, so it is extremely inconvenient to use.

Fourth, there are three functional operations that must be taken into effect in the boot mode.

They are: computer speakers, manage TF card files, and flashlight functions. Only one of the following is available first. Given that F3 is turned on, you need to grow according to the power switch, so it is also quite worth all when using these three functions.

Fifth, several functional operations must be enabled after waiting for 3 seconds.

When the user performs digital selection, one button is transferred, and when the digital frequency is direct, after 3 seconds, these functions can take effect. Every time you have to wait for 3 seconds, this is a long and difficult to do it in 3 seconds!

Five, the radio range performance

When the radio performance of the F3 is tested, I selected the golden positive S61 as the radio and the card speaker as a reference. The frequency modulation sensitivity of the two machines is as follows:

(1) On 89.5 MHz, the golden positive S61 has a slight, intermittent noise, and F3 has sustained, slight noise.

(2) On 94.4MHz, King Zheng S61 still has intermittent noise, compared to the noise of F3, is apparent.

(3) On 99.4 MHz, King Zheng S61 has no noise or noise, but F3 has slight noise.

(4) At 101.8 MHz, the noise of King Zheng S61 is more obvious, but in turn, the noise of F3 is smaller, which is sustained, slightly noise.

(5) At 103.8MHz, the performance of the two machines has a large noise, and is in the hierarchy of 50 steps.

(6) On 107.1MHz, King Zheng S61 has almost no noise, but F3 has a noise, although it is very slight, but still audible.

It is not difficult to see that the frequency modulation sensitivity of the front F3 is slightly weak in King Zheng S61.

But this is not to say how bad is F3 because it uses DSP chips, and basic reception performance is guaranteed.

Even if it is weak in the golden positive S61, the F3 frequency modulation performance is still very advantageous compared to the radio of traditional circuits such as Deman R202, or is still a bit of unable. It can be said that DSP is a synonym with excellent frequency modulation.

Sixth, rushed normal workmanship

As a radio price of less than 30 yuan, F3’s work quality is conceivable. The casing is not exquisite, and the edge position has a sense of burr. Use your fingers to explore the seams of the front and rear housings, you can obviously experience the sense of misplaced and rough.

It is not too much to describe the work quality of F3 with a rushed usually.


7. Performance of good sound quality

The front F3 built-in built-in high-quality speaker + 低 membrane, the sound quality is good, is the sound of a typical card speaker,

Whether listening to music, still listening to vocals, speech, is far better than the radio of traditional speakers such as R909, R9710, R9701. The sound of F3 sounds very much, very comfortable, not tired.

Plug with headphones, you can use F3 to listen to stereo,

Can’t hear the obvious shade noise under small volume, which indicates its

The headphone output sound is pure.


Eight, conclusions

8.1 advantages

(1) The frequency modulation sensitivity is not bad.

(2) Use the 18650 battery to supply power, and it is guaranteed.

(3) With a card playback function, it can implement folder switching, free tuning, single or all track loop playback.

(4) Methods with three tuning frequencies: frequency direct transmission, automatic search, and storage frequency, one button to adjust the existing frequency.

(5) The speaker is active, and the headphone output is pure.


(6) has a flashlight function.


(7) There is a sleep shutdown function.

(8) It is equipped with button locks to avoid misuse.


(9) The hand rope is doing antenna without having to worry about the antenna being broken.

(10) Has a one-button mute function.

(11) can charge the lithium battery in the machine, with battery protection, prevent overcharging.

(12) A computer speaker can be active.

(13) You can edit the files in the TF card on your computer.

(14) The card playback function enables breakpoints.

(15) The battery is displayed.

8.2 Disadvantages

(1) Volume adjustment is extremely difficult.

(2) The attached cable has only charge function, no data transmission function.

(3) Function of flashlight, computer speakers, etc. can be used in boot mode.

(4) Frequency direct transmission, free selection and other functions need to wait for 3 seconds to take effect.

(5) Insert the computer speaker function in the state of inserting the TF card.

(6) Every time you turn it on, the volume defaults to 10.

(7) The shutdown is required to press the power switch.

(8) Working quality is often generous.

(9) The card function only supports MP3 an audio format.

In the final analysis, the front F3 is a comprehensive, diverse radio and card speaker,

Sleep shutdown, computer speaker, editing TF card content on the computer, one-button mute, flashlight, breakpoint renewal is very attractive.


Unfortunately, the cumbersome volume adjustment makes this machine a lot, in my opinion, this is the maximum obstacle in front of the user.

If the front F3 can correct and improve the volume adjustment method, this machine can still fight in the market. If so, this machine can sing a song “cool”!

Nine, small brands have big future

Only in the current market situation of the front brand, I used the Shan Tianfang’s old husband to describe the most appropriate, that is, “the wild chicken is not named, the grass shoes are not numb”.

Compared with “No Sour”, “Newman”, “Landscape”, “Langqin”, is an unknown generation.

However, the saying goes: “Mocetive boy poor”, the same, we also kill the brand small. Looking at the leading enterprises in all walks of life, star brands, which is not from born nonenly one step? Which never experienced a small brand of grass cream? …… As long as the manufacturer can pay attention to the user’s experience and feedback, it continuously in the new upright, the article, then the small brand is also a big future.



Have you used this machine? Welcome to comment!

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