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EQ determines your connection ability, how to cultivate high emotional intelligence, please work hard from three aspects


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In life, we need to understand a fact, that is, emotional intelligence determines our ability to connect. The connection ability is closely related to our future development. We want to have wider network support or development opportunities. Your connection ability is a concrete manifestation of emotional intelligence.

In fact, if you want to have high emotional quotients, it is not so easy. Everyone has their own style of doing things. So how to do things can achieve their own goals and make others feel very comfortable. This is the test of your emotional quotient high and low. It’s time!


First of all, you must know the logic of people with high emotional intelligence. In fact, emotional intelligence is improved or reduced through human cognition.

People in the circle are telling you how to view people and things, what you want in the end, what you don’t want, including clear planning for future planning and future life, and in what direction to develop, in fact, learn these points Your emotional intelligence can be easily improved and can help us effectively improve our emotional intelligence.

01 Let go of criticism and learn to listen ‍

In fact, people with high emotional quotients may not be able to speak, but to know how to speak and express their opportunities for others.

Those who know how to listen often encounters things very calm, clear, delicate, good at thinking and summarizing, can catch the focus of others more accurately, and can quickly speculate from others’ expressions and movements to speculate on others’s people’s expressions. Psychological state, so that you can express your meaning in a more accurate way and achieve your own purpose.


And people who are good at listening are very affinity, and it is easy for others to have a sense of trust and closeness. This temperament is very valuable. There are many beautiful girls, but few people who are good at listening.

Colleagues Xiao Zhou is a mediocre ability and is not high in education, but people who have promoted quickly in the company are more beautiful than Xiao Zhou. They have good ability. In the end, they are not as high as Xiao Zhou’s salary.

Why is this? In fact, many people are puzzled, not to mention that many colleagues are very unconvinced, and finally go to the boss theory, but the boss said: “It is not reasonable to give Xiaoshou high salary. Xiaowou can give customers a good emotional value, and customers are even more customers. Willing to cooperate with Xiao Zhou, emotional value is not available for everyone.

Whether Xiao Zhou is with customers or leaders, he can always capture the needs of others and meets as soon as possible, so leaders and customers are very satisfied with Xiao Zhou.

Whether Xiao Zhou is with customers or leaders, he can always capture the needs of others and meets as soon as possible, so leaders and customers are very satisfied with Xiao Zhou. Therefore, whether it is life or work, learning to listen will make you more effective.


Listening ability requires us to let go of the criticism of others, and we need to understand the empty cups, and see the practical needs of others. If we have a strong listening ability, we can often have strong connection capabilities. This is to help us enter others to others. The key to spiritual ability is an important magic weapon for each other’s relationship.

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02 Understand the empathy, accept and understand ‍‍

I have seen such a sentence on the Internet: “In our lives, when we encounter love and sex, they are not rare. What is rare is to understand.” Who can really understand who?

What is the hardest thing between people? In fact, in my opinion, the hardest thing is to understand. Everyone knows to understand others, but how many of them can really understand?

In life, it is not the difficulties itself when encountering difficulties, but that you find that no one can really understand your feelings and moods. The grievances in your heart have nowhere to tell that others may misunderstand you.

The fatigue and grievances in life. If anyone can understand you, it will be our motivation, so it doesn’t matter if it is hard to suffer, it just wants a heart of understanding.

Then if you want to understand, you must first learn empathy and have the ability to empathize.


Compassion is a must -have ability and empathy, which means that the mood of others is more affected, and it means that our ability to feel the mood of the other person is more.

A person who has the ability to have empathy often understands each other more, feels the same, and can tolerate and understand others. Now the perspective of others considers the problem. I believe to improve the quality of communication, and it is easier to establish and maintain a relationship of love. Everything needs you to know how to be rejoiced to accept it!

Enjoyment means a kind of change of thinking, knowing how to think often to think about each other’s feelings, often helps us improve our empathy. When you know how to think from the other party to think about the other party’s feelings and mood, It is often the key to strengthening each other.

Good empathy capabilities will allow us to quickly form a family to feel with ourselves. Good empathy ability can eliminate our suspicion of each other, and thus go further.

03 Learn to express, be a true yourself ‍


Everyone has their own principles and bottom lines. How to deal with their emotions often can see a person’s pattern. People with high emotional intelligence do not retreat, but learn to express.

A high emotional quotient often knows how to express himself. A person needs to understand that fully expressing ourselves is often an important way for us to establish a connection.

In fact, those who know how to fully express their emotions will make the other party better understand themselves. Without sufficient expression, it is often easy for the other party to form a misunderstanding.

And know how to express ourselves actively, we will know how to be a true ourselves in life. Everyone needs to understand that the real emotional intelligence comes from the understanding of each other, and the full expression is a great moment to release themselves and show themselves.

Of course, fully expressing yourself does not mean that you talk about it and talk about yourself, let alone a mouthless. Fully express that you are actively expressing your feelings, and the objective and true understanding of a thing can often allow the other party to capture our inner world.

Xiao Li used to be a person who was not controlled by emotions, and he was extremely sensitive, very sensitive, but was not good at expressing his emotions and feelings. Facing what you wanted, you dare not admit it. Pretend not to care.

Even if you meet something unhappy, you will not admit the reason, and say that I am okay when I am unhappy. These eloquences made her lose a lot. She could not make friends who were true to each other. They did not see the lover who did not see the liver and gallbladder. There was no close relationship, and she kept a certain distance with everyone.


In the relationship between people and people, it is either tolerance or tolerance. Even if they are grievance, they will constantly suppress their own feelings. It will only make the relationship between the two people worse and worse. In fact, it is the opportunity to give others to correct.


When you say your own feelings, others will understand what kind of feelings and troubles of your approach to you, and he will pay more attention to your feelings. Therefore, learning to communicate and fully express yourself is very important in interpersonal relationships. It is very important in interpersonal relationships. a part of.

I hope that everyone can learn how to be a highly emotional quotient person. I believe that you can quickly cultivate a high emotional quotient as long as you do these three points.

Today’s topic: What do you think can work hard, what can we work hard, welcome to discuss and exchange.