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Sweater jeans are finally “fell out of favor”! This year’s “bat shirt” is popular, 150 catties is thin and fashionable

The matching of sweaters and jeans has been on fire for many years, because its age reduction effect is great, but this time they have finally “fell out of favor”. Really fashionable women have long been put aside from this dress. The popular “bat shirt” is not only thin but also very versatile, but it is full of high -level sense of matching, even 150 pounds of fat women can easily control it. It is absolutely thin and fashionable. No wonder fashion women start to spoil it. Essence

The bat shirt is definitely one of the essential matching items in autumn and winter. It is several times higher than the ordinary sweater value. You can wear the temperament of Miss Korean sister in any way. Women are a good helper to highlight the figure, but the loose bat shirt is more suitable for most women. It can not only cover the fat on the upper body, but also be more suitable for daily wear and full of temperament. This six super fire bats this year. Shirt, introduce it to everyone.


look1: hollow off -the -shoulder bat shirt + broken side super shorts + mid -waist high heels

If you want sexy but not exaggerated style, of course, you need to choose Xiao Luxiang’s shoulders. It will never look kitic. The hollow bat shirt is very breathable, so even if you wear it in summer Bat shirt.

The most suitable girl who is most suitable for wearing a fairy shirt. Girls who are more confident in their bodies. Hurry up and arrange a pair of super shorts. Do n’t worry about small children. In this way, the fashionable match, whether it is casual cloth shoes or fashionable High heels can be perfectly matched.


look2: Water blue hollow bat shirt + water blue shirt + porn jeans

If you want to wear Miss Han Fan’s style, you must not miss this dress. The hollow bat shirt can be worn alone in the summer, or it can be stacked like this in autumn and winter, free to change the style, but when it is stacked like this.


It is best to choose the same color or the same color in order to ensure that the sense of hierarchy is increased, and it will not appear very obtrusive. When the upper body is more loose, the lower body can be reversed. While modifying the shape of the legs, increase the sense of fashion, the ability to reduce age is full.


look3: Cloak Bat shirt + floral skirt


Women after 40 years old, sometimes pursuing age reduction, but not as good as temperament, the design of the cloak makes the whole piece of clothes full of personality, full of queen Fan, which is very suitable for middle -aged middle -aged middle -aged middle -aged middle -aged middle -aged middle -aged Women, women will inevitably have some fat on their legs when they are old. The long skirt can cover the fat on the legs without leakage, and the thin skill of the bat shirt. This body is out of date. Thin Beauty.

look4: V -neck bat shirt + orange real silk wide -leg pants

The restrained temperament of the small V -neck is very suitable for daily wear, especially for the tightness of the facial contour can play a good effect. However, it is inevitable to wear it in daily life. Occasionally, it is pretty good to wear a little color! The brown tone orange is full of high -level sense. It is definitely a walking orange. The pants are good or not, mainly looking at the version. This gorgeous color is made into tight leg pants. Both are thin and fashionable.

look5: hollow bat shirt + black pants

When choosing the color of matching, it is best to choose a contrasting color of the top and pants. Do not be black or white, too earthy, black and white together can divide the body proportion well. It is a good figure to show a good figure. Choose, wearing a hollow bat shirt in summer must choose very thin to play a cooling sunscreen, but it is best to pay attention to a bottoming vest, otherwise it is easy to go.


LOOK6: Dress + Bat shirt cardigan

Although the bat shirt is very thin, there are still a certain seasonal restrictions on the bat shirt on the knees. Sometimes the season of spring and autumn, the temperature difference between the morning and evening in the morning and evening is very large. At this time It can also be very thin and thin, and it is matched with a single product that shows the figure itself, and the ability to modify the figure doubles.

How about the beauty, I introduced the wearing so many bat shirts, did you feel excited?