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Liu Yifei under the picture looked a little tired, and the skirts that could be worn were very delicate and beautiful.


#What to wear today#

No matter how old, women like to wear skirts, and this is exactly the case, so that the designers have bolder and richer imagination space. more


Exquisite and foreign

, Visually looking at it



At the same time, don’t underestimate the degree of love for a girl. It can be said that there is no ugly skirt. Only you will not match it, but on the contrary, choosing a version and color that suits you will not show an embarrassing situation.

When it comes to wearing skirts, Liu Yifei is very good at choosing skirts. Almost all aspects are very suitable for herself, and they will look good when they wear it, but she will give people a very pure look, even if she wears a dark skirt Pretending, it will not look very boring, on the contrary, it can reveal the rich ones

Great Woman Field

It looks very delicate, but Liu Yifei under the picture looks a little tired, and the skirts that can be worn are also delicate and beautiful.

However, if the gas field is not enough, or girls with dark skin tone, it is easy to appear when wearing a dark color skirt.

“Turning” situation

It is also difficult to control.


Liu Yifei’s fashion wear analysis

In fact, many people like to wear long skirts. Even the editor has an inexplicable feeling for the long skirt, and the subconscious will think that

Long skirt is thin.

This is not the words that are not marginalized, the long skirt is on the figure

Tolerance is really strong

, Especially after a loose version, whether it is a straight body, pear or strawberry shape, it can be well covered, not showing the flesh on the body, and more delicate to wear, and there is no any any of them. The sense of restraint is almost beautiful, and it will not be bloated at all.

However, Liu Yifei is still very individual in the choice of clothing color, which has subverted the traditional solid color form, and chose

Form of stitching

The stitching of black and khaki is in the form of basic color, so there will be no situation of stepping on the mines on it. On the contrary, it can avoid the aging and tacky sense of dark color clothing. The focus can also highlight the style.


▶ Suggestion:

When choosing coloring clothing, there must be one

Main color

Just like Liu Yifei’s color -fighting skirt, black is the main color, khaki color is supplemented, and

The area of ​​the main color must be greater than the supplement color

This is more atmospheric to combine.

Liu Yifei’s clothing style is worth learning from

Long skirt is not bloated with waist

For long skirts,


It is necessary, it can be divided into obvious in wear

Waist line

It can also show the sense of exquisiteness and details. The focus will not be very bloated visually, highlighting the charm of wearing.


So when you choose a skirt, you can choose

Rubber band tightening


You can also add a one to the waist


It can make you wear a perfect X -shaped ratio, and it is more delicate and decent visually, and it will not look heavy.

The splicing color looks very personal

In the overall clothing, if it is worth learning and reference, in addition to the form of the waist, it is color. Although the color of stitching is common,

Basic color stitching

But it is fashionable, and it is not very single visually.



Both khaki and black are worthy of everyone to wear. It can be worn almost all year round. While creating a delicate sense of clothing, the form of stitching also looks very personal, and it is also charming and personality. It can be seen that Liu Yifei turned into makeup and it was difficult to hide the fatigue, but the skirts in color -matching were very delicate and the aura was sufficient.

Liu Yifei different skirt shapes

Black V -neck veil skirt

Little black skirts have always been a favorite item that everyone likes. It can create a visual focus on wearing and show the temperament of women, but it should be noted that if the lines are not very good, then wear When you are a small black skirt, you must avoid all the parcels, which will look very heavy!

On the contrary, proper skin exposure can not only enhance the fashion focus of wearing, but also allow the clothing to “breathe”. Therefore, the arms and shoulders and neck lines are exposed. While showing out the figure, it will also make the dress more delicate.

Golden Printing tube top skirt


In many events, you can see the figure of the golden skirt, but what you need to know is that gold also has a deep shades, but if there are no special requirements, it is not recommended to choose the golden color of the color. The outbreak household “also has a bit of earthy flavor.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the golden color of the light -colored system is suitable, just like Liu Yifei’s dress, the light golden form is really pretty good. Even if a large area of ​​printing is added Harmony, with the tube top shape, it is very sexy and thin.

Blue tube top print skirt

Saying blue is a very classic color, it is really not too much. No matter what blue, it will look good to wear on the body, but if you want to wear younger, light blue is a very good choice.

Although this color is light -colored, there will be no exaggerated sense of exaggeration. With the form of tube tops and printing, the clothing will appear very distinctive, and it is also unique and charming to wear.