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West -point baking commonly used additives and commonly used auxiliary materials, which are very detailed and worth collecting

The clever woman is difficult to cook without rice. If you want to learn West -point baking, make a variety of exquisite and delicious west points, you need to master the selection of various raw materials. The main raw materials such as flour, sugar, eggs, oil, yeast and other main raw materials in West Point can know about it, but there are many additives and commonly used accessories. Many baked novice is not clear. Here, Xiaobian summarizes the knowledge of commonly used additives and commonly used accessories in West Point Baking, hoping to learn from the West Point Baking Road for you.

1. Corn Starch

Corn starch, also known as jade starch, is commonly known as Liugu powder, white slightly yellow powder. After the corn is soaked with 0.3%sulfuric acid, it is made of crushing, sieve, precipitation, drying, grinding and other processes.

Corn starch is a thickener. It is often used in west -point baking to make frozen sweets and certain fillings, decorations, and plays thicker, gel, stable and decorative effects.

A coagulant for foods such as pudding. The pre -mixing materials in the market generally contain corn starch. Use double -layer steamer to easily make simple corn flour pudding with ingredients such as milk, sugar, corn flour, and fragrance agent.

Used for the production of stuffing. For example, the filling of the filling of the lemon tower, the milk paddling, the apple, and the pumpkinist, which often adds corn starch.

When making cakes (such as sponge cakes, fat cakes, etc.), you can use 10%to 20%corn starch to replace the same amount of flour in the formula. This kind of cake is not only delicate in tissue, but also soft and not tough.

If the flour tendon is too high, you can add an appropriate amount of corn starch to reduce the flour tendon. For example, mixing corn starch with medium gluten is the best alternative to cake flour (low -gluten flour).

Second, soda powder (BAKING SODA)

Soda powder scientific name “sodium bicarbonate”, also known as “baking soda”, and small white crystals. It is a type of west -point puffin and belongs to chemical bulk. Soda powder is alkaline, and water and acid will release carbon dioxide to expand the product. This reaction does not need to be heated (although the temperature can speed up the reaction), therefore,

Flour or batter containing soda flour must be baked immediately after modulation, otherwise the gas will be released quickly and the expansion effect will disappear.

There are fewer soda powder during the baking of west points. Generally, it will be added in a small amount when making biscuits. Soda powder is also often used


Neutron agents, such as chocolate cake. Chocolate is acidic, and it will make the West Point has a sour taste when it is used in large quantities. Therefore, a small amount of soda powder can be used as a swelling agent and neutralized its acidity. Bright.

3. Baking Powder

Blade powder, also known as “quick -hair powder”, “bubble powder”, “Filigorant powder”, “cake powder”, etc., is also a chemical puffer. Boil powder is soda powder, acidic substances, and corn powder as the filling agent as the filling agent. The composite bullets made by a certain proportion are white powder. Bakery powder is mainly used for fast fermentation of noodle foods (such as cakes, bread, biscuits, buns, steamed buns, etc.)



It can be seen from the alias of baking powder.

Although the soda powder in the baking powder is alkaline, it has balanced the acid and alkali through acidic substances. Therefore, the commercially available baking powder is generally neutral, so the baking powder and soda powder cannot be replaced at will.

Blocking powder is usually divided into two types, one is aluminum -containing powder, and the other is aluminum -free powder. Sweet foaming powder and churroscopy are aluminum -containing powder, mainly containing aluminum sulfate potassium or aluminum sulfate ingredients; aluminum -free powder is not contained. Excessive consumption of foods that exceed the standard aluminum is harmful to the human body, and it is easy to cause elderly dementia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, etc. So

If you really need to use baking powder, try to use aluminum -free powder as much as possible.

Bakery powder can be divided into single -effect bubble powder and dual -effect bubbles. Nowadays, dual -effect bubbles are generally sold on the market. Single -effect bubble powder can produce gas as long as water. Like soda powder, it is only used to bake immediately after the modulation is completed; and the dual -effect bubble powder releases some gas at low temperature, but it can be completely reacted after heating. When using this type of baking powder to make cake batter, you can add raw materials in the early stages of stirring. The modulated batter does not need to be baked immediately like soda powder, and can be placed for a period of time.

Do not add excess bubbles in the formula, because on the one hand, it will produce strange flavor, and on the other hand, due to excessive expansion, the product will be loose and fragmented, and if it is baked cake, the cake may be too much due to the expansion before forming. And collapse.

Here we need to focus on the difference between soaking and yeast and yeast


Both are puffed agents, but there are differences.

Blocking powder is a chemical puff agent. It is recommended that children and pregnant women in the family should use as little as possible; and yeast is a biopatheter, which is relatively natural, nutritious, healthy, safe, and better than bubbles.


Bakery powder is usually used in cakes and biscuits in west -point baking; yeast is mainly used in bread production.

The baking powder mainly rely on chemical reactions, producing carbon dioxide gas during contact with water and baking heating, and the starting speed is faster; and yeast is to produce carbon dioxide gas by yeast. Cold is not easy to start or need more time or increase the amount of yeast.

Blocking powder is lower than yeast.

Fourth, Cream of Tartar

Tata powder is an acidic white powder, the scientific name is hydrogen acid, and the western name: POTASSIUM HYDROGEN TARTERATE.

Mainly used in cake production, helping protein passing and neutralizing the alkaline of protein


Because the protein is very alkaline, and the longer the eggs are stored, the stronger the protein is more alkaline. The foods made with a large amount of protein are alkaline and yellow. Taste, reduce its pH value, taste better and mellow, and the color will be white. In addition, adding tower powder will increase the toughness of the foam, which will help improve the foaming of the protein and the stability of the foam.

Some people don’t like to use food additives, and they can also use some acid materials such as lemon juice

5. Custard Powder


Jishi Fan, also known as Castea powder (transliteration), is a spice powder with a strong milk flavor and fruity aroma. Formed.

Please note: Do not confuse the Jishi Fan and Geely Ding Fan. The two are different materials. Here we only introduce Jishi Fan. In the later, you will introduce Geely Ding Fan in detail.

Jishi Fan is easy to dissolve, because of its special aroma and taste, it can be used to make Castea sauce (commonly used in West Point), milk yellow stuffing (special powder), cheese cake and for other soft, fragrant and smooth, and smooth, smooth and smooth. Among the hot and cold desserts (such as cakes, egg rolls, bread, egg tarts, pudding and other cakes), it is an ideal filling agent. Adding Jishi Fan to the West Point Baking can make the product a seductive yellow and rich milk flavor. Add Jishi Fan to the pine paste.

Common Jishi Fan is three types of milk flavors, ordinary Jishi fans, and lymos. Among them, Ichi Jishi is the most common. It is usually used for bread, west -point surface decoration or internal filling and sandwich, and can be directly dissolved in cold water.

However, it should be noted that Jishi Fan is a chemical product after all, with a lot of flavors and additives added, and it is sufficient to eat in moderation. Long -term excessive consumption is unhealthy.

6. Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is a series of powder products obtained from a series of processes such as cocoa beans fermented, crushed, peeled, and abandoned. Natural cocoa powder is a tan powder, sweet and sweet, rich in flavor, rich in protein, amino acids, high -calorie fat, and various trace elements, vitamins, and alkaloids with a variety of biological activities.

Cocoa powder is often used for high -end chocolate, ice cream, candy, pastry, and other cocoa foods. It is generally used as an auxiliary material or sieve on the dim sum surface as decoration. Of course, it can also be mixed with flour to make cakes, breads, biscuits, etc.

7. Green Tea Powder

The matcha powder is a popular image of matcha, which is grinded into a micr -powder -like steamed green tea with natural stone grinding. The matcha comes with natural fresh green, and the fragrance is mellow and elegant. It is rich in nutritional ingredients and trace elements necessary for the human body. It has no additives, no preservatives, and no artificial pigments. It can add flavor and color. For example, matcha chocolate, matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha bread, matcha jelly, matcha candy, etc.

However, it should be noted that matcha is different from ordinary green tea powder, and it is not a tea crushed in the general sense. The production of matcha tea has very demanding requirements for tea varieties, planting methods, planting areas, processing technology, and processing equipment. In terms of product logos, most foreign companies are more standardized, especially in Japanese companies. They will never easily use “matcha powder”. so,

When buying matcha powder, pay attention to distinguish, so as not to mistake the green tea powder as matcha powder.

Eight, vanilla powder (Vanilla Powder)

Natural vanilla flour is an increased fragrance spice extracted from vanilla pods. It is a very expensive plant spice. The powder is delicate, with a vanilla flavor with natural alcohol and strong nose, which can be resistant to high temperature. Wait, increase the taste and aroma of the finished product, and remove the fishy smell of eggs.

There is also a natural vanilla essence, which is equivalent to vanilla powder, but because it is concentrated fragrance, it should not be used too much, so as to avoid the taste of the pastry that should be overly covered with the taste of the pastry.

In particular, there are also artificial vanilla powder and vanilla essence on the market, which are mixed with artificially synthetic cottonin. Although the taste is similar, the price is quite different. Please pay attention to distinguish when buying.

Nine, bread improver

Bread -improvement agent is generally a recreational food additive consisting of emulsifier, oxidant, enzyme preparation, inorganic salt and filling agent. It is mainly used for bread production to enhance gluten, improve processing performance, accelerate the maturity of the dough, and make the bread easier to get in it. Plastic surgery, improve the structure of bread tissue, maintain the soft performance of bread for a long time, effectively delay the aging of bread and extend the shelf period.

Pay attention to the use of ingredients and quantity during the use of bread improvement agents, because some ingredients are healthy prohibited products, and excessive use will have side effects.


10. Cake oil (SP)

Cake oil is also known as cake emulsifier or cake foaming agent and paste. It plays an important role in the production of sponge cakes. It is also widely used in various Western crisp cakes and can play a role in emulsification. In the Western -style pastry industry, cake oil is mainly used to stir with eggs, flour, and water to make cakes. It can also be made with vegetable oil, water, and milk powder to make the so -called “fresh cream”, make various patterns, and paint, and coat On the surface of the cake.

Add cake oil when making sponge cakes, which greatly increases the production rate, which can reduce costs, and the cake volume is increased, the tissue is delicate, and the taste is soft. But cake oil is not a nutritional raw material, it is just a small toxic and relatively safer food additive. Although moderate consumption has no effect on the human body, after all, it is chemical synthetic products, and excessive consumption will have side effects.

Eleven, Geelydin (Gelatin)

Geilin, also known as gelatin or fish, is degraded by the collagen part of the connective tissue such as animal skin, bone, muscle film, and muscle charm to become white or pale yellow, translucent, and slightly shiny pink grains. Fat -free high -protein, and does not contain cholesterol, is a natural nutrient -oriented food thickener, which is conducive to food digestion. It is widely used in jelly, milk frozen, mousse and other western points.

Note that the two are different materials with Jishi Fan, the two are introduced in the above.


Geely has two types: pink and sliced. In actual use, it is necessary to refer to the instructions of different raw materials to use. If you use Geely Ding tablets, you need to soften the Geely Ding tablets with cold water, and then modulate it. If you use Geely Ding powder, it is required to soak and swell with cold water before making.

Berbite (Geelyin) is divided into edible gum, medicinal gel, industrial gelatin, photographic gum, and bone gum based on the production raw materials, production methods and product quality and product purposes.

Make West Point, pay attention to buying edible gum

Twelve, pectin (Pectin)

Points are a kind of acidic polysaccharide substance in plants. They are natural polymer compounds. It is usually white to pale yellow powder with a slightly sour taste. It has water -soluble and good gum ninning and emulsification stability. The peel of citrus, lemon, grapefruit, etc. contains about 30%pectin, which is the richest source of pectin. Points are divided into three types: pectin fluid, pectin powder, and hypoxyl oxygenyl glue. Among them, the application of pectin powder is the most common.

In jelly products, pectin has gel effect, the finished product is delicate, full of elasticity and toughness, which can increase the flavor and make the taste smooth and refreshing. The reference dosage is 3%~ 0.6%.

In the dairy product, the pectin has a stable and thickest effect, which can extend the preservation period of the product. It has natural fruit flavor, and the reference dosage is 1%to 0.3%.

In baking goods, pectin can improve the breathability of the dough, enhance the taste, and extend the shelf life. The reference dosage is 3%to 0.8%of the flour.

Applying the surface of mousse cakes and cream cakes, apply directly to the cream surface or decoration, adding a bright effect. Apply on the surface of the fruit, keeping the fruit of the fruit is not easy to lose, and does not need to heat the water. It is used to decorate the cake noodles.

13. Carrageenan

Kara rubber is a hydrophilic colloid extracted from some red algae seagrass. It is widely used in the manufacture of jelly, ice cream, ice cream, fudge, canned sugar, canned porridge, Tremella bird’s nest, soup food, cold food, etc.

Kara gum stability is strong, and dry powder is not easy to degrade for a long time. It is also stable in neutral and alkaline solutions. Even if heated, it will not hydrolyze, but in acidic solutions (especially pH value ≤4.0), kara gums are prone to acid hydrolysis, and gel strength and viscosity decrease. It is worth noting that under neutral conditions, if Kara gum is heated at high temperature for a long time, it will also hydrolyze, resulting in a decrease in gel strength.




All types of Kara gum can be dissolved in hot water and hot milk. It can form viscous transparent or slightly milky white solution in hot water. Carah gum can only absorb water and swell in cold water and cannot dissolve.

As a good coagulant, Kara gum can replace the usual agar, glue and pectin, etc.

Essence The jelly elasticity made of agar is insufficient and the price is high; the disadvantage of jelly made of gelatin is that the solidification and melting point is low, and the preparation and storage requires low -temperature refrigeration; The appropriate pH value of sugar and adjustment can be solidified. The jelly made of car glue is elastic and has no separation of water, so

Kara Gel becomes a coordinating agent commonly used in jelly


Kara gum can distribute fat and other solid ingredients evenly, preventing the separation of milk components and increased ice crystals during manufacturing and storage.


It can make ice cream and ice cream tissue delicate, slippery and delicious


Fourteen, almond cream (Marzipan)

Almond ointment is also known as Masis, almond noodles, and almond dough. It is a paste -like raw material formed by almonds and sugar. It is delicate, soft, and plastic. It is a raw material for making advanced west points.

In West Point production, almond paste can be made, almond biscuits, almond cakes, etc., or filling. Or make fruits, vegetables, etc., can be rolled into thin slices, decorated on frosting cakes, such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes and Christmas cakes. It is a good material for pastry decoration. In desserts, almond paste is generally used to fill chocolate.


Fifteen, Fondant (fondant)

Fengbin sugar is also called sugar, sugar, square sugar, partial conversion sugar, and partial transformation of some crystalline sugar. It is made of granulated sugar as the main raw material. It is made of an appropriate amount of water, glucose or vinegar, and citric acid. The surface decoration of the cake. Through the deep processing of sugar, sugar gives better plasticity and excellent ductility, and can shape a variety of shapes, and perfectly show the fine characteristics. It reflects the perfect combination of personality and art.

16. White Sugar

White hat candy is also called mixed sugar cream with mixed with milde cream, pink sugar egg white cream, royal frosting, and mixed with sugar powder and egg white or gelatin.

The plasticity of the white hat sugar cream is strong, which can be pulled into fine patterns, mounting three -dimensional flower, making trim, etc.


Generally used for cake surface decoration and large decorative cakes and window samples

Seventeen, seasoning wine

West production often adds wine to increase the flavor of the product. Commonly used seasonings include Rum, Brandy, Green, Orange Wine, Cointreau and so on.

Soak fruit or honey with wine to improve product flavor, such as raisins, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried green plums and various fruit honey.


Add the wine directly in the formula to make products to improve the flavor of the product. In general, the wine is mostly added in the formula, such as the cakes of the Rum and Mousse.

When making mousse products, you can brush wine and syrup together to improve the product flavor on the cake. At present, most star -rated hotels and high -end cake shops will use wine and syrup to stain the cake body when making mousse products and special cakes, which changes greatly from the flavor of the cake.

In the actual production of West Point, different wines and uses should be selected according to the different varieties. Generally, add it after the product is cooled, so as not to affect the volatilization of the wine and affect the flavor of the product. Unique flavor.