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Change of thought: In addition to the skin, in addition to the skin, there is a soul

The beautiful skin is the same, and the interesting souls are picked. People in this life, take a good look, which is you?

In the life of a person, wearing a person is a larvae of an outer skin. At best, you can only see the poor or wealthy. Only talking about vomiting thinking is the accumulation of life in the past. It can not only see experience, but also reflects the growth of people.

The growth of ideas is the ultimate purpose of life pursuit.

Such thoughts and insights are not known, nor naturally. Only after experiencing the baptism of the years, the training of countless things, and after learning and understanding can we realize it.

I was born in the countryside, and the reform and opening up just kicked off, and everything was still turning in the past inertia. The people around them have just been able to eat enough, and they can’t be dressed and entertaining. Since ancient times: Not suffering from uneven suffering. Everyone is almost the same, and naturally there is no comparison. Until some people started working, some people started a small business at home.

Working work is generally the construction site in the nearby city. The small business is also steamed, grinding a tofu or something, all of which are farmers’ livelihoods. There is no technical content.


From birth to junior high school, my world is the world outside the village. The only twice entered the city, the memory was filled with a bowl of cakes and a roast chicken. The rest was 10 kilometers hiking and 25 kilometers riding a bicycle. Far from far away, lively, delicious, became my original impression of the city.

The extra -curricular books that schools can read at home are limited. In addition to a few comics, I only remember that in the fifth grade of elementary school, I watched a children’s version of the Red Mansion Dream at the uncle’s home of the neighbor. Later, I read the TV series before I remembered that I had read such a book.

Most of the remaining cognitions came from the stories of the mouth of adults. Later, there was a radio called “drama box”. Some reviews. Later, there were TVs in the village, Journey to the West, and Huo Yuanjia, so that the characters in their brains had a specific image.

At this time, my world was still so big, and my eyes had not seen the future.

Learning to me is also step by step, there are not many future and ideal ingredients. However, at that time, I may be because the villagers said “brain spirit”, and the grades were good.

Childhood was in the past in ignorance and troubles, and it was logical to enter junior high school. The increase in the increase of playmates also broadened some of their cognition. For the first time, I came into contact with the martial arts novel defined by the teacher as a “bad book”. Because it is mostly pirated books. In order to attract readers, there are large paragraphs of “described” in the book, and the entire campus has not been popular for a long time.

At that time, the so -called “sexual enlightenment” of rural teenagers, in addition to some of the “yellow paragraphs” that the old sheep said, is these popular readings. The first sexual impulse of many boys is also given by worship.

In the first year of the day, I met a teacher who had influenced me and direction, a high school teacher who graduated from high school. He told me that after graduating from junior high school, you must go to high school and college, and do not go to high school and middle school. At that time, I seemed to understand the concept of fate. However, because of this sentence, after the first middle school entrance examination, the graduates of the school were “destroyed by the army”, and I was still more than 120 points away from the admission line. I chose to repeat the school. I have been admitted to the only public high school in the county.

After going to high school, I made more friends, read more books, and had a little understanding of my future. In the future, “jumping out of the farm gate” will no longer plant land, becoming my first goal, and no longer comes with the joke of “not allowing the university to go back to repair the earth” with other students.

The high school era was a critical period established by a person’s “three views”, and it was also a critical period for life growth and maturity. In addition to Jin Yong’s ancient dragon’s martial arts novels, my reading face began to contact youth magazines, biographies and historical books. “Liaoning Youth” is a must -see magazine for each issue.

During this period, because of academic pressure and the failure of first love, I was in a deep confusion. At that time, there were many readers in the middle school students’ magazines, but they could not answer my confusion. It was an extremely distressed period. I also wrote to a cousin who had been promoted to the sophomore. His solution and comfort in the letter still couldn’t get out of depression.

My only solution is reading and writing. I borrowed a lot of books from the school library and classmates. The types of are mixed and chaotic, but they are very similar to my state of mind at the time. Fortunately, there are books to accompany me. My liberal arts scores are not bad, especially composition. Add me to a small stove to change, and encourage me to contribute to the newspapers many times.

Until graduation, my heart was still like the headless flies in the glass house. I couldn’t find the direction. I only hit the wall horizontally, hitting the wall, dizzy.

I felt that the moment I was smashing the college entrance examination, I suddenly had a tragedy in my heart: “If you can’t go to college, I will learn to be a biogas pool, and I can become a peasant entrepreneur in the future.”

This is a retreat that I found in the last summer vacation and found for myself, or the way out.

Now that people want to come, in a critical period, it is important to have a understanding of a person. Parents are the first teachers of their children, but they can’t give any guidance. I missed the three years of high school that should have been unwilling, hard -working, hard -working, and hard work. A college that does not enter the flow has become the destination after graduating from high school, and there is no high school diploma.

With my own “brain spirit”, I am “the general in the lame nest” and “the phoenix in the chicken nest” in the unwavering school and the small town after employment.

Reading and writing have also become a hobby with me. For a while, I especially like to read books about successful learning, and I also started to contact fund investment and financial management. These do not have the “master leading the door” and can only “practice in individuals”. They all rely on reading books. My experience is that if you want to learn a knowledge, you can read all the books you can find.

I ignored the beauty because I was immersed in reading, and I met my love. At the same time, the current family has become a place where the scholaries are heard. My wife who had not agreed to buy books without restraint also joined the ranks of books and reading books. A pair of children did not exceed ordinary people’s talents, the only relief was to fall in love with reading.

When people pass the middle age, they have to mature even if they do not go to the heights of life.

Intentionally and unintentionally began to stay away from spiritual chicken soup and best -selling books, and no longer keen on the utilitarian and practical books. My interest in reading has begun to turn, and is keen to read some books that have never been involved in history, classics, medicine and other countries that have never been involved. Later, I learned that there are many peers.

There are several stages of a person’s life, and the same is true of thought. Most of the people who love to study. There are many interesting things in life, especially reading. And the growth of ideas also depends on this.

There is no longer than the foot, no mountains higher than people, and no deeper thoughts than books. There is nothing in this life, only love to read.

One person should develop and love to read the hobby, because this is a nutrient pool for thoughts and souls. In the first life of life, the grass and trees are short and difficult, and the more difficult it is, there is no firm heart, no interesting soul, no transparent spleen, how to spend this life wonderful?

The meaning of living is alive itself. The significance of reading is to make the soul more interesting, make the thoughts not shallow, and make the rest of their lives longer.