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Loving because of his face? These tricks make you the face of melon seeds

“Lihua Flying for the New Year, the past is gone for nine days.” Ladies are good in New Year, unknowingly we have ushered in the first day of 2022. New Year’s and new weather, the New Year is more beautiful. Many people want to become better, but they are always dragged down by big faces, because there are not a few friends with big face and fat. But don’t worry, today I will teach you how to effectively lose face.


First of all, when facing the mirror, we can observe what kind of face shape of our face. Because the principles of our face shape are different for different face shapes. The type of face fat is mainly divided into four categories: fat -type face fat, grinding muscle face fat, edema -type face fat, and skeletal face fat.

Like baby fat, double chin, round face belong to

Fat face fat

This kind of fat type is caused by the accumulation of facial fat too much due to eating too much. Therefore, if we want to solve fat face fat, we need to consume the fat accumulated fat.

Facial face, national character face, size faces belong to

Pattoic face -shaped face

Essence Generally, this kind of face -shaped friends ask themselves if they all like to eat beef jerky, squid shreds, betel nut … I often use only one side to chew on one side when eating, and the gritter -like face is fat. Too many harder food and bad chewing habits. In order to effectively solve the masseter -type face fat, you need to reduce the thick masseter muscle to normal.


Edder face fat

There are many reasons. Like drinking too much water before going to bed, leading to too much water in the body; or eating too much spicy and exciting food at night, intake of salt that is not conducive to water discharge; It will cause edema face the next day. Therefore, in order to effectively solve the edema -type face fat, you need to discharge the water accumulated in the body



Skeletal face fat

It is the face that is naturally caused by too high cheekbones, so this kind of fat type is not so easy to lose weight.


If you want to effectively lose weight, you can use facial penetration technology. This technology helps face thinning the face through the ingredients that benefit from fat, the composition of thin masseter muscles, and eliminating edema and other thin face ingredients. And Jia Yanguo is the leader in this technology. You only need to chew simply to make us easily solve the troubles of face fat, and to harvest high -face value must be a small V face.

This method is the main method of thinning face. It is very effective for fat people. Of course, in addition, we can also do some thin face -like methods similar to face weight loss. Everyone introduces the steps of weight loss exercises below. People with fleshy faces can do these weight loss exercises in their spare time, which is conducive to training facial muscles.

1. Shut your mouth and smile in the face of the mirror, until the muscle fatigue of the cheeks stops 10 seconds and repeatedly do 10 times. This action can enhance the elasticity of the cheek muscles.

2. Inhale, roll up the cheeks on both sides of the cheeks, and then vomit slowly to 5, repeat 10 times.

3. Cry up the teeth on both sides, pinch the upper jaw with the index finger and thumb on one side, and bite the gums on both sides with the index finger, and then pull it to the sides. Repeat 5 times.


4. Hold your thumbs with both hands and place them on both sides of the ears, and then use the meat on the inside of the elbow to raise the face up and repeat about 5 times.

Do a facial movement every day when you are idle, which can not only reduce the fat on the face, but also make your face skin better firm, but remember to persist.

When our face is successful, it is equivalent to reborn and becoming more beautiful, so everyone with faces with troubles, hurry up to have a small V face!

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