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The same is the mobile phone bracket, why can the price difference 17 times? Brother’s measurement to show you

Author: Brother John

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After the evaluation program of the mobile phone support of the air outlet in the previous period

There are many fans leave a comment and ask


Can you evaluate the suction mobile phone bracket?

Brother again reprimanded huge sums of money again

I bought 4 mainstream suction mobile phone brackets on the market


Hope to compare the following six comparisons

Buy a good mobile phone support for everyone


First, the diameter of the suction cup.


Because for this kind of mobile phone stand, the size of the suction cup directly determines the size of the suction.


So we can see that RAM’s suction diameter is the largest.

But the RAM suction cup is made of smooth rubber, and the material of the other three mobile phone bracket suction cups is a sticky silicone material.

To put it bluntly, these three mobile phone brackets can stick directly to the rough instrument platform, but RAM is not good.

Second, work radius.


The largest radius is the Green Union, so the Green Union is suitable for a long car, such as MPV models.

However, the biggest work radius is not the best, because the larger the radius, the more the pressure it has to be affected

However, I think the Green Lianxian is doing well, because its diameter of suction cup is relatively large.

Third, work noise.

For this test, I specially sacrificed my fascia!


Because the noise of the mobile phone bracket comes from the vibration passed by the body.


So in order to test the accuracy and fairness, I need a constant vibration source, and the fascia gun is the best choice!

I will suck the bracket on the windshield in turn, and then put a mobile phone and clamp it.

Then adjust the fascia gun to a gear to shake the support of the mobile phone bracket, and then record the vibration noise.

When I vibrate my mobile phone bracket with a fascia gun, I can obviously hear the sound of the plastic block hit the mobile phone case.

I think the vibration of Green Lianlian is even greater than Pin Sheng!

And there is also the sound of plastic impact on the phone case. The key is that the phone is a bit unstable, and the mobile phone jumps up and down in the clip.

I didn’t feel the sound of plastic impact.

And I feel that my mobile phone is very tight, which is more stable than Pin Sheng and Green Union.

This bracket is the most expensive and the most stable! I did not see the mobile phone vibration during the entire vibration process.


in conclusion:


Judging from the test data, although the first three brackets are different, the noise is almost the same.

I personally think that Pin Sheng and Green Union’s plastic impact sounds loud.

Philips basically has no plastic impact, and the smallest noise is RAM.

In fact, the reason why I think the difference is the problem of bracket material.


Because RAM’s brackets are made of aluminum alloy, Pin Sheng, Green Union, and Philips are plastic.

So this is the inhibitory effect of noise and jitter formed by different materials. It seems expensive or expensive ~

Fourth, operating experience.

This test mainly compares the one -handed operation of these four brackets.

I sucked all the four brackets on the windshield, and then put the mobile phone up with one hand to see the more convenient and fast.



After putting the phone on the bracket, pinch the clip directly with one hand, and stabilize the phone.


It is also simple to take it down. At the same time, pinch the buttons on both sides behind the mobile phone with one hand, the clip is released, and you can take the phone down.

Therefore, Pin Sheng’s one -handed operation is still more convenient. I personally think it’s pretty good.


Green Federation


Green Lianlian and Pin Sheng are almost the same. They also put the mobile phone up first, then pinch the clip, the mobile phone is clamped, and the mobile phone is simple. It is very simple to get the phone.

But I found a problem that the clip is a spine wheel structure, and the spiny wheels are with teeth, and there is a certain gap between the teeth and the teeth, that is, the clip is clamped one by one.

Then there will be just clamping the phone, but there is a gap in a little bit. If you want to clamp a little more, you can’t pinch the clip, or you must pinch it very hard to clamp it.

Therefore, this kind of spine wheel clip of Green Lianlian is actually not easy to use, but one -handed operation is okay!


It is also put on the mobile phone first, and then pinch the clip. Here I find that this clip is also a spine wheel.

However, from the hearing, it can obviously feel that the spiny wheel of Philips is more textured and more precise than the Green Union, so it is better clamped on the phone.

Press the switch below the back, and the clip is slowly opened, instead of bounceting like the green couplet.

Therefore, the one -handed operation of this Philips bracket is not too much.



It is embarrassing here. The most expensive RAM mobile phone bracket cannot be operated with one hand!

Because it makes these four branches clamp the phone by two springs.

Therefore, you must use one hand to pull the clip, put the mobile phone in the other hand, and finally the handle is stepped up, so there is no way to operate one hand at all.

There is a problem with this, that is, when driving, there is no way to take off the phone from the bracket with one hand, and if you take your hands, you will have the danger of getting away from the steering wheel with both hands!


So this design of RAM, I personally think there is a little problem ~


I personally think that the best operation experience is Philips, followed by Pinjo, then Green Lian, the worst is RAM.


Fifth, use scenario.

There are two types of suction cup -type mobile phone brackets, one is sucking on the front windshield, and the other is to suck on the instrument table. The 4 mobile phone brackets I bought can be simply divided into two. A major category.

A large category is Pin Sheng, Green Union, and Philips. Their suction cups are silicone suction cups with sticky effects. To tear off the protective film on the suction cup before.

The surface of its suction cup itself is relatively sticky, so this suction cup can not only suck on the windshield, and it can be sucking on this instrument platform, which is very convenient.

The other is RAM. Its suction cup is a typical rubber suction cup with no stickiness. It can only suck on the windshield, and it is very stable.


If you want to suck it on the dashboard, you need to pay an additional payment to buy a seat cushion posted on the instrument platform. The seat cushion sticks to the instrument table and sucks the RAM suction cup on this cushion.

Therefore, the use scenario of RAM is more single compared to the other three brackets.

I personally think that the RAM usage scenario is still too single, and I still need to pay another pad. The key is that this cushion is quite expensive …

The three brackets of Pin Sheng, Green Lianhe, and Philips are not bad, especially Philips also comes with anti -slip pads!

Six, appearance texture.

The appearance texture evaluation here is my own very subjective evaluation, just representing my personal point of view!

First of all, from the perspective of texture, I personally prefer RAM. After all, it is the material of the aviation aluminum alloy. It reflects the gloss on the surface to be more well -proportioned, and the overall setting still has its own characteristics.


Secondly, I personally prefer the Green Lian, because it uses a plastic with carbon fiber on the front, which looks good.

but! It has obvious gaps on its plastic support. I don’t think the texture of Philips’ branks is good. The gap in Philips is obviously smaller and more well -proportioned.

And Philips and Green Union can also find some differences in details.

For example, the fixed screws of the branches are all new brackets, but the luggage screws have obvious traces of paint.

And Philips’ bolt screws are not at all, and it is still a chrome -plated screw.


As for Pin Sheng, to be honest, I personally feel that it is still worth the price. After all, its price is only one -seventeen of RAM brackets.


But I personally don’t like one of its designs, which is the mode of loosening the phone. If I want to release my phone after clamping, in fact my hand has to go around the back of the bracket to pinch the buttons on both sides.


If the clip is backward, the phone will not fall. If the clip shakes slightly, or if it is forward, the phone will fall directly.

I don’t think this design is not very good, and Philips and Green Lianxian will not have this problem at all.


After clamping the phone on the bracket, when pressing the button on the back directly with the hand, in fact my thumb is pressed on the phone, and I can take this phone directly. The same is true for Philips, but its button under.


Therefore, in the design of taking the mobile phone, I personally think that it is not very good, and I think Green Lianhe and Philips I think it is not bad. The best appearance is RAM.

Finally, friends who want to buy suction mobile phone brackets can look at the table in the figure.

I believe you can find a mobile phone support for your own model!


If this article can help you choose a car suction cup -type mobile phone stand that is suitable for your model, then please forward it and share it with your friends and help me like it. If you want to get more hands -on maintenance and evaluation of car supplies, then please pay attention to Brother Bike. We will update every Friday every Friday and see you next time.

in conclusion:

in conclusion: