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There is no titanium coating without sticky stir -fried pot in Supor, showing eighteen cooking skills

In this era of fast food, ordinary fireworks have become people’s favorite ways to relax. In the light of Wanjia, in one meal and one food, taste the beauty of life. People are no longer obsessed with busy running, and began to learn to enjoy life and enjoy life. About three or five friends to cook a table of delicious dishes. If you want to master the skills of cooking, good kitchenware is indispensable. Supor as the leader of the industry is loved by people. However, as the improvement of life’s requirements is just that the simple wok can no longer meet the needs of the public, and stir -fried stir -fry stickiness will be more favored. After several years of research, Supor has achieved the top of the wok -Susbo has titanium without coating and non -stick stir -fried pan, no coating, anti -sticking, wear resistance, brush -resistant, and frying power in the wok industry.

There is no coating of the pot in the pot, and it can be so sticky.


The secret of Susbo has no coating without sticky stir -fried pot to make the secret of no coating, non -stick pan, is that there is a “titanium” alloy melting technology. Anti -adhesion layer formed in the inner surface. At the same time, a porous oil storage structure with micro -bumps in the pot is more helpful for the development of oil membranes. The anti -adhesive material+oil membrane protection is used to achieve dual physical resistance. It is easy to achieve non -coating anti -sticking pot, and the more smooth it is, the delicious egg cakes are easily made, the color of fried sugar is not afraid of sticking, fried fish does not break the skin, and the cooking dishes can be easy to make all the color and fragrance.

No coating, not afraid of shovel more abrasion


Of course, a good wok must be paired with iron shovel. Supor has no titanium coating without sticky stir -fried pan. It is formed by composite substrates: 430 stainless steel solid wear resistance, high -quality aluminum alloy heat conduction uniform and fast, food contact with 304 stainless steel health and peace of mind, and “titanium” alloy melting layer to resist adhesion resistance. Supor has titanium -free coating without sticky stir -fried pot allows you to cook hard -shell shrimp and crab, stir -fry without fear of iron shovel scraping, no fear of wire balls and flushing, not worried. In addition, there are many “careful thoughts” in Supor’s wok. Multi -layer composite cooking is not subject to environmental restrictions. Gas stoves, electric ceramic furnaces, halogen furnaces, and induction cookers can be cooked. The classic Chinese -style pot type, easily fried chef, deliciousness is more attractive, and cooking healthier.

Supor has a combination of health, technology, and high -performance without titanium -no -coating without sticky stir -fried wok. The strength can also prevent sticking to the pan without coating, so that people can find the fun of cooking, and easily show eighteen good cooking skills.