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What color and style of the wallet are good first, here you have what you want

What color is good for wallet

Peach red wallet: If you want to recruit peach blossoms, then choose peach red.

Orange wallet: Orange is a very popular bag, bright, keep money.

Yellow wallet: Yellow and gold represent the wealth, which is the best wallet color.

Black wallet: Black represents calmness, you can keep money, and do not easily lose money.

Red wallet: Red represents deficit, and it is easy to spend money to save money.


Green wallet: natural and relatively smooth colors.

Note: Women are the best in pink, and the financial source is rolling (the source is the opposite sex), followed by light yellow, beige and white, and black.

Wallet Best Gathering Color

Girls and boys are flourishing: black wallets are wallets that will never buy the wrong wallet, common to men and women. Because black is stable, and good management, you can keep money and gather money. The brown and brown are not much different from black. They are calm and heavy colors. They are also very good for wealth. This is why many wallets, fibling clips, and even handbags on the market are mainly black and brown.

If you want to recruit peach blossoms: It is recommended to choose a pink style. This is the most common luck that allows your femininity. It can bring you good luck. Striped and geometric styles are very retro. Retro is one of the popular trends in recent years, and it can also be designed.

Wallet style selection


1. Fortune style of wallet

In terms of style, the general rectangular tickets will be slightly better, but it may be more suitable for women in life, because women can carry bags with them, and men can use this because they are all placed with them, but It is recommended to choose a slightly larger wallet on the style, so that the treasury will be larger.


2. The color of the gathering of wallets

The attributes of money in the five elements are gold, so the library is not allowed to grant gold, so the wallet is generally not red. It can be used to make more money, such as coffee color, gold, earth yellow, and so on.

3. Gathering quality of wallets

There are many types of wallets. The overall category such as cowhide, leather, other leather in nature, etc. The choice of material is preferably durable and special, so that it is easy to get the care of the God of Wealth.

4. The price of gathering of wallets

Under normal circumstances, ordinary people use slightly better wallets, which are easy to have confidence in their own lives, the motivation to make money is relatively sufficient, and the chance of relatively success is relatively high. Therefore It will make your life more focused.

5. The wealth of the wallet

In the unified direction, everyone has wallets, but few people know how to place money. When the new wallet is used for the first time, it is best to put a few large new banknotes in to make the wallet familiar with the taste of the coin; when you put the money, unify the money up and down; Fight.