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Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points

Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points

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There is a reader asked me: “In the process of cooperation with customers, the leaders handed me 10 yuan, let me buy a pack of Zhonghua smoke. Because I don’t smoke, so I will take the money. After the small selling department, I found that a package of Chinese smoke has to be 50 yuan. The 10 dollars given by the leaders are obvious enough. I have to buy a package with myself. “

The reader also mentioned that the leader itself is smoking. According to reason, I should know the price of Zhonghua smoke, why only give 10 yuan?

In fact, readers don’t know, leaders can be obviously intentionally, can look at the leadership from these 3 points:

Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points

First, leadership is taking care of your care

In 2000, the “China Economic Daily” has issued a soul tortured article: “Do we connect to the screws? “.

This article pointed out that during the construction of the Yellow River Xiaoze Hydropower Station, the project team introduced foreign units. The first group is 100% foreign imports. The second group of parts is 90% imported. The third group is 80% imports, others are Domesticized.

Finally, when the installation is installed, when the debug is running, there is no problem with the import unit, and the units with high China have leaked.

The unit stopped to overhaul, stop for a month, and a unit lost 3 million.

Finally, I found that the reason is leaking, the reason actually in this unknone-free screw: not tightening the screw, that is, there is no mat or nut, some have no screws!

So you look at it, it is unatthase in your work, it may happen due to small disappointment.

Many people do things, this is like this, the tiger head snake, careless, especially in the first line of workers, did not understand the entire process blindly, a meal is like a tiger, not less, the arm is less legs, the mission is done, but Not doing well.

Back to this example, the leader will let the netizen buy Chinese smoke, and the careful people should know that the smoke is a soft shell and hard shell.

If you carefully observe or pay attention to your leadership, you should ask which one to buy the leader on the spot, not to take the money.

The end of this is only, just buy a pack.

Think more, in case the leader makes you buy not a smoke, but the company’s fixed assets? Are you so casual?

So by buying smoking, the leaders can see your carefully, in the eye, your little action will be enlarged by him. Buying Chinese, not just buying smoke is so simple.

Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points

Second, leadership is taking your pattern

A Director I went home, mentioned before I was ready to go to the company, I was opened by his wife by his wife. So I asked if it was less than, can you open his car to take a colleague?

It’s less than saying that your own cars went to the 4S store to maintain it.

In fact, colleagues know that the trolley is worried that there is no fare and oil cost reimbursement with colleagues, so I found this excuse.

People like less than such a person have a large number of people.

Time is the best tool for a person, but the leader may be busy, not so much time to test the character of each employee, can only test the little thing to buy smoke, you are willing to suffer, do you have a big pattern? man of.

With large-scale people, the eyes are long, and they will not be stainted in front of the smoke, like this kind of cigarette to buy, and can be able to see if a person is willing to pay for the company.

Therefore, it is a matter of increasingly complaining that the leadership gives less, but should find a way to complete this.

Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points

Third, the leadership is taking care of your character, and whether it is worthy of you with you.

Although it is sometimes limited to work relationships between colleagues, as long as everyone’s character is good, they may become a good friend.

You come to me in work, often help each other, it is the most normal, but if a person is more than a person, then the relationship between him and other colleagues will definitely go.

Xiao Hui is a “lubricant” that maintains a relationship between colleagues in the work.

Leaders deliberately only give you 10 dollars, there is a possibility, intentional to get you, give you a chance to show you.

If you pay your own buy smoke, then the leaders naturally treat you as oneself, what benefits will also think about you.

If you have to be 40 yuan to the leader or therefore, you will have a bureau.

When I have a company, I often go out to travel. Every time I come back, I will give my colleagues and leadership some hand letter, although not expensive, but this is also a heart.

Later, even many colleagues and leaders have hopped, but they still keep in touch. When they encounter difficulties, they can still help each other.

Life is also like a workplace, and the workplace is also a life.

Regardless of the workplace or life, it is necessary to mix, essence or see how you are people.

In summary, at work, if you want to show your work ability or interpersonal skills in front of the leader, you can’t underestimate any small things in the leadership. Think more, learn to learn the essence through the phenomenology, not only to ask questions, better solve the problem, in order to hinder your own things in small things, become an indispensable person, and get far in the workplace.

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Leaders let help buy Chinese smoke, but only give me 10 yuan: smart workplace, see this 3 points