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The banana sold 1.5 billion in the banana. What did you do in addition to the label on the underwear?

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A change in the underwear industry.

Delicient, urban beauty struggle to transform, “Selling Sexy” is no longer a unfavorable sharp, the scale of traditional industry giants Under the online e-commerce encirclement, it is difficult to breathe; but at the same time, at the same time The new underwear brand in the track is found, and it is emerged.

Bananain is one of them. This brand founded in 2016 officially completed A round financing at the end of the previous year, and the estimate of the investment was 2.5 billion, and the highest record of the domestic underwear brand valuation in the past decade. Today, this netbi online brand is initiating offline.

On December 31, the banana opened a brand first store in Shenzhen, Fangcheng, and plans to continue to expand 6 to 8 physical stores in a first-class cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu.

The birth of the banana begins with a detail of people who have learned.


For a long time, a “water-wash standard” of a chemical fiber in the rear or side of the clothing has become a “rule” of the apparel industry. Washing marks a variety of information labeled brand, model, size, ingredient, washing instructions. In the banana breaks this rule, it will change the small label to the outer printed, and this “ignorant” concept extends to other categories such as socks, home clothes.

It is not that there is no other brand to do the outer printed label, but the special place in the banana is that it successfully makes the underwear have a sense of technology.

In terms of product, on the basis of the free label, the banana has also developed ZerotouchTM no inducedTM technology, MoveStech sunscreen technology, AirWARM hot air thermal technology, Siverkin silver antibacterial technology, etc., and applied to Breast, underwear, warm clothing, home clothes, etc.

The banana brand is also good at “zooming” in the details of these products.

For example, the original flat warm underwear will give it a “hot skin” in the banana, and emphasize the design details of “grinding convex” and “opening forward” in the product description; Mathematical formulas, it has established exclusive coordinate tables for each product, and the product is defined according to the fabric level, version process serial number and body sensation setting. For example, the serial number of the hot skin is based on the different styles in the latitude region, thickness, and fabric; visual presentation, you will find that all the models in the banana have a unified mushroom head to cover their eyes, trying to Let consumers more focused on the product itself.

When opening a physical store, the banana is more struggling to highlight this technological sense.

The store itself, from the default initial password from the suitcase, named “000” in the banana, “000”, the overall space is maintained by silver, and the large area is used for metal stainless steel, texture and other materials.

On the store, the choice and purchase of the privacy class, it will show the underwear, BRA and other products, in addition, embedding the chip on the box of each product, allowing the product to get the product size close to the reader Recommended, color selection and other information, convenient consumers quickly understand the product, and avoid “care” of the staff.


On site selection, in the case of most underwear brands, there are different in the garment area, and there are online stores in the banana, next to Xiaomi, Daxin and other technology brand stores.

These brand qualities originated from the founder of the banana, the background of Li Zezhen, and they all have a decision of fifteen years of experience in the design industry. “We are also in this category to deep tillage more than 10 years, have accumulated a lot of experience in doing companies, making brands, doing delivery, so that it is not polished, and the differentiation of the product or product version, fabric, There are some methodologies or experiences in the body. “The banana is expressed in the interface news.

Brand itself is due to the success of the banana, and it is also a good time.

The Chinese underwear market in 2016 is still divided by giants. According to the report of Zhizheng Information, the imported brand accounts for about 60% of the market share, based on the products of China Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, and the domestic brand is about 40% of the market. These traditional underwear brands have passed the franchise model in her early years, and thousands of retail outlets in China have dominated the aesthetic and consumption of underwear. Consumers and brands are also based on the style and functional demand for products.

“When we join, we join, the underwear class is still initialized, and the user doesn’t feel it, and it is not willing to pay for it, so we have a lot of space.” Tell in the banana Interface news.

It is now known for people, such as small breasts, no steel rings, dance yoga, developmental plastic, etc., is from this period, the new brand is like Ubras, inside and outside, turtle, etc. Rising is rising.

The e-commerce style has emerged, but the industry’s traditional giant is in the original advantage, there is no immediate investment line, so that a large amount of more cost-effective Taobao has got a barbaric production.

In the banana in the past four years, the key brand decision node is on the channel to focus on Tmall. “Because a venture company resources are always limited, you have to benefit a hole. We will abandon all other channels, all in Tmall.”

But in the many Amoy brands, there are not many things that stand out. In the view, “insight into the consumer ‘true demand’, and give a product-based solution, plus the transformation of the awareness of the times and consumers”, which is the cause of rapid growth in the banana.

Since the time of the 2016 banana, the total number of brand transactions has been 50 million yuan, 160 million yuan, 330 million yuan, and 1.6 billion yuan. Today, the number of users has exceeded 5 million.

But this is not enough to make the banana.

Its highlights in the design, marketing, undoubtedly attracted a lot of consumers for the brand, but whether it is a label product design, or the young personalization strategy on the design marketing, from the perspective, It is still not enough to become a navigated in the banana. It is followed from the new brand to the traditional giant.

In addition, in the underwear class, giant companies such as the Uniqlo are also very easy to do in the price and cost more than the new brand. For example, the price of hot underwear in a set of bananas is 288 yuan, and a minimum price of a Heattechy in Uniqlo is only 177 yuan.

It is also aware of these. However, the banana is said to the interface news, the more saturated this track, the higher the consumer payment. If there is no wake up old brand, there is no other new brand, and there will be inert in the banana.

Now, in terms of product, banana has been founded from the beginning of the initial single underwear class, and it is home to household life products with underwear; the channel level, in addition to the offline first store, including mini shop, flagship store and other different types The single store model is also in the test phase, which is expected to be unveiled in 2021.

Although the banana is known as the core, the multi-channel layout is undoubtedly an important measure to further strengthen the brand’s power. This is also a key battlefield that will come to the next thrill brand.