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How to install the advantages of daffodil energy water heater at the advantages

As an important electrical appliance in the bathroom, the purchase of water heaters is also very critical. There are many domestic water heater brands. What are the advantages of daffodil rate water heaters? When buying this brand of water heater, you need to deal with installation problems. People don’t know how to install the water fairy energy water heater?

1. The advantages of daffodil energy water heater

The energy rate first proposed the first -level energy -efficient product condenser in the Chinese market. And in Japan, the domestic energy rate is a water heater company rated as the spirit of craftsmanship. The most important place in the production process is the combustion place with anaerobic copper (forest) and phosphorus deoxycopic copper (capable). Aerobetric copper also contains certain oxygen molecules and impurities. Phosphorus dehydration copper is not a phosphorus or phosphorus intoxy. The oxygen molecule also contains the oxygen molecule. Longer.

4. With intelligent variable frequency temperature, that is, it is hot and does not need to be heated, and it can also be used to produce hot water according to the degree of heat water. Energy saving, comfortable, you can “bath” as you want. The whole microcomputer is intelligent and automatically controlled. It has more than 40 security protection devices. It can be installed in the bathroom, it can be installed in the kitchen, and it can be installed on the balcony. There is also an outdoor shape that can be installed outdoors.

2. How to install daffodil energy water heaters

水仙能率热水器优点 水仙能率热水器如何安装

1. Measurement length: When the daffodil energy rate water heater is installed, measure first. Measure the long thread of the gas pipeline in the kitchen: Use the small machine in the master’s hand to transfer the thread. Sealing glue: When installing the energy water heater, the elbow is installed carefully. First apply a special sealing glue on the thread, wrap the seal band, and then apply a sealing glue on the inner wall of the elbow, and then tighten it with tools.

2. Cut the gas pipe: Cut out the appropriate gas pipe on the water fairy energy rate water heater according to the measurement data. Don’t underestimate this black cutting machine. There is a sharp blade on it to cut the gas pipe. Connect the gas pipe: connect the cut gas pipes. Note that each interface must be sealed with 2 layers of oral glue and seal band.

3. Install the gas ball valve: Do a corresponding sealing treatment before the water heater hangs up. Drilling: Depending on the material of the wall, the choice of equipment is also particular. For example, if it is a vitrized brick, a drilling gun with empty heart bricks, ordinary tiles use shock tiles. Divideous energy water heater test hanging and positioning. And measure the relevant location to accurately locate the drilling.

4. Wire screw: formally hang up, tighten each screw. Install water valve: When installing the water fairy energy water heater, the water valve should be closed. The gas pipeline interface is connected, the metal hose is connected, the smoke discharge hole is sealed, and the final debugging is completed.

There are many advantages of Narcissus energy water heater, but it also has disadvantages. It is necessary to comprehensively compare the advantages and disadvantages before buying. How to install the daffodil rate water heater? After the owner bought it, he could hand over the work of the brand after -sales installation personnel or decoration master, etc. After the owner bought it, they will complete the installation work for you.