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Saitama Haram Stone Introduction? What is the price of Saitu?

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Saitama is also known as Xiuyan jade, one of the four famous jade in my country. Its Xiuyan jade texture is simple and dignified. After processing, it can often glow with a unique beauty. Many people like to put on the jade jewelry at home. Today’s sauce jade is getting higher and higher, and the rough of Saitizer has also become the object of some friends. So what kind of role does Saitu rough have? Is the price of Saitu expensive?


The Saitama Mountain is raw water, which is tough and delicate in texture, and is rich in color and large. It is a good jade carving material. The good Xiuyan jade color is bright and high, and the “old jade” in the jade jade, the seedling jade rough is a flash stones, is a very precious jade jade. In the past, the good old jade seeds, the rough, even had the texture of Hetian jade, which could see its jade.


It is just that the output of Laoshi is relatively large, lacking the scarcity of Hetian jade. In addition, there are many types, and there are also some jade stones in the quality, so Saitama is much smaller than that of Hetian jade. However, it is also because of the large and large degree of pieces of Saitama. Many people use Saitama as a decoration creation. Saitamu has become the first choice for many people who like jade ornaments. Interestingly, many people also like to directly use Saito Rougainn as a decoration, because the jadeite rough itself has a natural charm. The thick sense of heavyness can be said to be very powerful.

So what is the market price of such pasta rough? The market price of Saito Saito was not very high, but as more and more people began to pay attention to and collected the original stones, the market price was gradually rising. At present, the best varieties of Saitama, the price of the rough is between 20,000 to 100,000 yuan/kg; the price of the rough stone like Saitama 108 is about 3 ~ 5,000 yuan/kg. Other varieties with poor quality are relatively low in price.


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