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Is the “Double Eleven” fake list exposed to kiss you?

Many netizens have returned at the “Double Eleven” feast, but have you ever thought that those products labeled “genuine purchasing” and “fake one penalty” are actually fakes? Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce released news. The bureau commissioned a third -party testing agency to conduct random inspections on some e -commerce platforms promoted on November 11. The results confirmed that the samples of 8 batches were counterfeit products, and the 7 batches of samples were unqualified products. The online stores of well -known e -commerce companies such as Tmall, No. 1 store, and Le were among them.

Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce stated that if the citizens of Zhuzhou purchased the following counterfeit or unqualified goods, they could directly contact the industry and commerce department where the online store was located to report a complaint. The information of the online store is generally reflected in order details. If it is not reflected, citizens can contact the online shopping platform customer service commissioner to understand.

Counterfeit products found in the sampling operation

Platform online store sample

1 Tmall Fast Sports Outdoor Specialty Store New Bellen Company Men and Women Shoes Neutral Sports Shoes retro shoes U420BKW/GKW

2 Tmall Ronggu Sports Store Adidas adidas men’s bag sports schoolbag genuine couple backpack W63523m34064

3 Tmall 玖 Baidu Outdoor Specialty Store American Genuine Zippo Wind Wind Ploteage 220 Wing Film Angel Wings Wing Narrow Machine (Ms.)

No. 4 1 AMUMU franchise store New Balance men’s shoes retro shoes casual shoes running shoes sports shoes 580 series couple shoes black/mint green/pink 35

Burberry Burburry Burberry Classic Laper Cashmere Scarf 168*30YP3711606

6 Le Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing Plant Mask 100ml

7 Suning Tesco Oriental Fashion Specialty Store Estee Lauder Instant Eye Eye Cream 15ml

8 Amazon Jiupintang e -commerce Kingston KVR1333 2G notebook memory (DDR3 1333 2G)

Unqualified products found in the sampling operation

Platform online store sample results

No. 11 official flagship store Estee Lauder/Estee Lauder Instant Repair Eye Cream 15ml Tag does not match

No. 21 Store Gymboree Gymboree Gymboree Gymboree Gold American Baby Children’s Girls’ Wave Potal Press Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton 140132855 Red 4T-5T (4-5 years old) label does not match the label

No. 31 Store Shanghai Fanjia Trading Co., Ltd. Swiss imported sports series SIGG kettle aluminum outdoor travel water cup sports kettle new sports vitality cover 750ml label does not match

4 Le Beewen Le Bee SEASHEEP official flagship store Seasheep European big brand 100%pure cashmere scarf luxury lattice counter genuine ingredients, label unqualified labels unqualified

5 Le Beewon Le Bee SEASHEEP Official Flagship Store Beilong/Beilong Fashion Korean New Genuine Women’s Long -neck zebragas Cashmere Cashmere Bottom Sweater 93464 ingredients, labels are unqualified

6 Tmall Guangzhou Hanwang Trading Co., Ltd. Switzerland Hig Children’s kettle SIGG Multi -style 0.3L Aquarius children’s series labels do not match

7 Amazon Seasheep Seasheep 2014 autumn and winter new male cashmere sweater business casual men’s cashmere sweater high -end wool sweater Binglun binds ingredients, labels unqualified labels, labels unqualified