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Precision is not only a brief review of the core Tianguan treasure ring series Powermatic 80 silicon watches

[Watch House Watch Tasting] Although there are not many lively Basel watch exhibitions this year, there are indeed some watches, which are worthy of our attention. Our real benefits. The Tianglun Treasure Ring series is a watches that are more worthy of care, because it is equipped with silicon, because it has 80 hours of power because it has COSC, even so, it provides a not high price. The Basel Watch Show has passed a few months, but this watch has been hot. Although there are many Tissot watches, it is a representative work of Tissot tip technology for mechanical watches. Let ’s take a look at how it is in all aspects of it. The watch model: T108.408.11.037.00.

After 2006, the application of Silicon Witches in the watch has never stopped, and even in recent years has become more and more frequent. For a long time, we all think that the silicon travel wire will not enter the cheap watch so quickly. The advent of the Tissotbao series silicon scarf watches made us a little surprised and surprised. Since last year, the Swaqi Group has been using silicon travelers into watches suitable for mass consumption. The Tianguan Treasure Ring series has become the main force of it. At the level of thousands of yuan, we have a good choice.

精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

Exquisite appearance

精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

Tianguanbao Ring Series Observatory Certification Powermatic 80 Silicon Watch Watch

This Tissot Treasure Ring series of silicon scarf watches has a strong sense of motion, because it is a metal bracelet, and the stainless steel case is used. The overall watch is a watch that can withstand daily “tempering”. Like many classic watches of Tissot, the Bahuan series watches are very simple, and because of this, the watch is not easy to be outdated. The watch is preferred by excellent performance. In terms of visible functions, it only provides time, minute, second, and date display, and through the labeling at 6 o’clock, we know that it still has more hidden performance.

Stainless steel case

精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

The appearance of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel. This kind of steel is often used to make precision equipment and professional instruments. Its composition determines that it has low sensitivity, corrosion resistance, and easy to process. middle. The middle case of the watch is brushed and daily wear, and the crown is marked with the Tissot brand logo “T” on the surface of the crown.

Paris nail bezel

At the same time, a iconic design of this treasure ring series watch is a circle of Paris nails made on the bezel, adding a high -level texture to the watch.

Nail dial


精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

In addition, the center of the dial is also decorated with nails to echo the bezel. The two lines of the dial at 6 o’clock, highlighting the two traits of the watch, one is the observatory certification, and the other is to use the PowerMatic 80 automatic movement. The Observatory certification represents more accurate walking and the stability of the watch in the variable environment. The PowerMATIC 80 movement represents the power of 80 hours in the full chain state of the watch, that is, the power of more than 3 days.

Stainless steel bracelet

The watch is equipped with a 5 -row stainless steel bracelet with a small and dense chain. Therefore, it is very soft. The comfort is very good. At the same time, it is easy to adjust due to the different wrist size.

精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

Precision core

Powermatic 80 automatic movement

精密不止于芯 天梭宝环系列Powermatic 80硅游丝腕表简评

Different from most Tissot mechanical watches, the bottom cover of this watch of the Bahuan series is embedded with a whole sapphire crystal glass bottom cover. You can see the operation of the entire movement. At the same time, the Tissot PowerMATIC 80 movement is decorated with coating, which automatically places the tubes and ribs, which is very beautiful. The movement uses silicon scarfs to further improve the accuracy, stability and seismic performance of the watch. Because the silicon traveler cannot be used to make the Breguet upward structure, the cardless switching system is used.


Tissot enjoys a very high reputation in China. With affinity and good quality, consumers have always won the love of consumers. Its price is in an advantageous position in the same type. Therefore, the Bahuan series of silicon scarf watches is undoubtedly a watch worth buying, the domestic public price RMB 7700. (Photo/Watch House Wang Tao)