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Dress dressed enthusiasts must watch! 11 Japanese -style foreign dress, every set of wives looks good -looking

If you want to be the brighter in the hot summer, you must learn to dress and match, and use it to show your charm. Next, let’s continue to look at the summer dress. Different styles and different interpretations will fully show the charm of women. Maybe there will be your favorite shape. Don’t miss it!


[Fashionable dress match]

① Pure color dress


Thin black

In fact, the best way to show thinness is to choose this kind of black dress. Black is indeed the easiest of all colors to achieve the visual thin effect. The black dress is also classic. For a century, now and in the future will not be outdated, you can also try to try it with confidence.

In order to brighten this shape, the blogger below chose rose red high heels with a black dress, which can alleviate the monotonous of this body. It is really fashionable.


Compared with black dresses, the style of the white dress is easier, and there are many styles of white dress. If you feel monotonous, you can learn from the cake white dress. It can also express a sweet temperament on the body.

② irregular skirt design


Wearing a dress is to express your own charm, so do not restrict the tradition, and occasionally you can also add some irregular tailoring. The skirt of the dress is the place where we reflect the best design. You can learn from irregularities. The skirt is decorated with your calf, put on your body, low -key, elegant and advanced.

The following blue dress itself is very white, and then the irregular design of the skirt can be added to further enrich the entire dress and become beautiful and stylish. The skirt is slightly loose, and it can also modify the muscles of the arms and calves. The young lady with thick legs can try it. You can use a pair of refreshing sandals at your feet, comfortable and casual, and more breathable.


③ Bright color matching reflection of existence


Warm color

If you want to earn a return rate in the crowd, the best way is to choose this bright color skirt. The large area of ​​bright color modify your skin can you make you more existing, and wear it on your body It will look very vibrant.

But if your skin or temperament is not particularly outstanding, try to try a small area of ​​bright colors, otherwise it is easy to step on the lightning.

This kind of ginger is also more popular in recent years. There is actually some differences between ginger and our skin tone. The version of the version is also relatively loose, so the slightly fat body can also try boldly.

Cool colors

The color of the clothes is different. The green or blue below is the cold tone. This kind of cold tone clothing can also make your temperament better, and the cold color tone is relatively different. If the skin is dull, you can also learn from the following dark green dress, which looks very delicious, low -key and advanced.

④ waist design reflects the waistline


Focus on the position of the waistline, try to choose the skirt design of the waist, do not wear the too loose dress because of your body fat or small belly. Visual expansion of 20 pounds.

The following dresses are specifically combined with a contraction design on the waist, which can highlight the waistline, and it can indeed better reflect the advantages of women’s figure.

⑤ Printing reflects femininity


If what elements are most feminine, it must be the printed element. The printing element can indeed reach the extreme of women’s elegant temperament and romantic temperament. The closure becomes more highlights. The following white and green printed dress is very refreshing, and the light -colored combination is also particularly young.

Introduce the dressing of the dress here. These fashionable skirts are very gentle and intellectual, and you can wear a sense of high -level sense without the need for too many accessories embellishment. Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

Dress dressed enthusiasts must watch! 11 Japanese -style foreign dress, every set of wives looks good -looking