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Don’t underestimate the “internship” car sticker, learn you are also an old driver!

Please take care of as a novice

I have to admit that in addition to the female driver, most of the spearheads of traffic accidents also have “novice”. Whether it is a “female driver” or “novice”, most of the traffic accidents occur when they encounter unfamiliar road conditions or traffic environments. As long as the “novice” can do the following precautions, it is not far from the old driver. So, novice friends should learn it!

It’s a novice, you have to admit it!


Many novice drivers often ignore the “internship” car stickers presented by the traffic police. If you want to be an old driver, you must do you can’t hit others, and you can’t hit you. Since you are a novice driver, it is best to post the “car sticker on the rear of the car so that the drivers on the road have” respect “to you.


It is important to go on the lane

Novice driving is generally slow. At this time, you should walk slowly. Be careful not to occupy the fast lane for a long time. It is worth mentioning that the slower the slower on the road, the safer, but too slower can cause road congestion. Suggestion: The best speed of novice is to keep up with the traffic situation on the road. Within the control range, keep the distance from the car, prevent the front of the car from braking or the vehicle next to the vehicle, and cause a rear -end accident to rear -end accidents.


To do force, you have to hide when you see a taxi or a big truck!

Novices are most likely to be deceived by taxis and large truck drivers. In order to survive, the taxi driver is different from ordinary drivers. Once there are obstacles in front, the first reaction is to step on the brakes or change the lamp without turning the light. The situation; the truck is the easiest to block the driver’s sight, so when the novice is not strong in road awareness, it is best not to follow the big truck.


Scan the vehicle around the vehicle like a radar


If you want to become a veteran driver, you must develop the habit of observing the pavement carefully. This is what the old driver said “Eye View Sixth Road and Listen to Eight Party”. When driving, you should not only pay attention to the intersection on both sides of the road; you must also observe the rearview mirror from time to time to see if there are vehicles overtaking. It is best not to adjust the sound volume of the audio, otherwise you do n’t know if you have a horn or abnormal noise in the vehicle.

Read the “terminology” of driving communication


Many drivers like to use flashlights to warn the vehicles next to each other, and novices must understand. In addition, seeing the brake light in front of it, he also needed to release the throttle and moved his right foot to the brake pedal and stepped on the brake. This is a good conditional reflection habit, which can reduce many rear -end accidents, provided that we cannot follow the front car too close.

Do not overtake the curve


For novices, it is easy to fall into the trap of “curve overtaking”. Because when we pass through the curve, we will reduce the speed for safety. At this time, novices will feel that we are going to overtake. This is the most dangerous time. Before entering the corner, we can’t see the situation of the lane across the corner, and it is the easiest to cross the yellow -line overtaking to “close contact” with the opposite vehicle.