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The star crossover “entrepreneurial + investment” inventory “tidal boss” in the entertainment circle

Not enough to eat, you have to go to the creation of talents. These people are stars that appear in the capital market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 well-known stars to invest in the wave of venture capital, and the fields of film, e-commerce, and games have been occupied by them.

It is widely known, such as the French winery and investment of Zhao Wei; Ren Shu’s Star VC; Hu Haiquan investment mobile game; Wu Qilong Liu Shishi, Yan Dai Guan Yue and other husband and wife’s identity, There is an investment project.

Typical successful “businessman” in the entertainment circle – Ren Spring

Speaking of investment, Renquan, Li Bing and Huang Xiaoming’s star VC should be the star in the star investment institution. When it was founded for only one year, they cast more than ten projects, including “small” famous second. , Handu clothing, star closet, speed loan, etc., cover social, e-commerce, finance, medical, etc. Ren Sheng once said that some of the Star VC has brought 5-10 times the return.

Ren Quan announced no longer acting, focusing on investment, although many fans have expressed strong dismisions, but in 75 years, Ren Springs are already behind the Boao Forum, he said, focusing is a happy Things, and the brilliant record of these years has proved that he is not only the white scrutiny grandchildren, he is still a successful businessman.

The star’s entrepreneurial investment tide covers the investment and entrepreneurship. Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse is the star representative of his own business.

明星跨界玩“创业+投资” 盘点娱乐圈内的“潮老板”

Jay Chou – husband and wife file into the circulation

Zhou Jielun has not only had a gratifying achievement in the fields of music, film and television dramas, but also known as a good hand in the game. Recently, there is news that he will also set up its own e-sports company.

Last year, Jay Chou set up a TV competition team, actively recruit players to participate in the professional electric competition, fairly optimistic about the game industry. According to reports, there are digital companies to see his high popularity, hoping to cooperate with him, and Jay Chou will authorize portraits and names for the other party’s exclusive use, and the future will launch a six-year exclusive cooperation. It is understood that the memorandum has been developed. After the signing of the contract, he can own the company’s 10 million shares, these shares are currently worth HK $ 4.3 million.

明星跨界玩“创业+投资” 盘点娱乐圈内的“潮老板”

Jay Chou is not only keen on the opening of the store, his wife Kun Ling, also opened a coffee shop, and operated his little business, and Jay Jaylun often went to the wife.

The most old boss – Li Chen has a number of autonomous tide cards

Li Chen NIC, is known as “the most business in the tide people, the most hosted in the business, the most skin of the host.”

明星跨界玩“创业+投资” 盘点娱乐圈内的“潮老板”

As a domestic well-known host, Li Chen Nic simultaneously, the role of tidal card, actor, etc., in their own numerous identity, he frankly said that the favorite or the boss, because this is what he wants to do most. . For business, he personally, he thinks that this thing will think when it is even a dream, which is existing in the blood.

明星跨界玩“创业+投资” 盘点娱乐圈内的“潮老板”

He has cross-borders in different fields and industries. He hopes that each cross-border cooperation will pass lifestyle to young people, and the tide card is not just a brand, it is a spirit.