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In 2021, the “Tianfu Cup” Cross -Strait Cross -Strait Tea Invitational List was released

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Southeast Network Zhangzhou, November 22 (reporter Chen Zhiyuan, correspondent Li Dezhi/Figure) on November 21, 2021 The “Tianfu Cup” Cross -Strait Cross -Strait Tea Invitational Ceremony Awards Ceremony was in the International Exchange of Tianfu Group, Pantuo Town, Zhangpu County The center is held. Pu’er tea is added in this invitations, with a total of six groups of tea in white tea, big red robe, black tea, alpine oolong tea, Pu’er tea, and Tieguanyin. Cross -strait tea farmers selected a total of 5,971 participating tea samples. After multiple rounds of screening and review by 20 authoritative experts on both sides of the strait, many tea farmers won one, two, and three high -quality awards. The number of participants and tea samples hit a record high. Among them, Zhang Jing won the first place in the Tieguanyin Group, Chen Yiliang won the first place in the Gaoshan Oolong Tea Group, Lin Duanyang won the first place in the black tea group, the first place in Daihongyan, the first place in the white tea group, Wang Jian Grapes won the first place in Pu’er sun tea group.


The tea samples of this invitational tournament adopt the principle of dual coding. Before the start of the competition, all the tea samples have been sent to the test center for sampling and testing. Only then will get the qualifications for participating. The reviewers are from authoritative masters of the tea industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The reviews are specially reviewed from the five factors of dry tea, aroma, taste, tea soup, and leaf bottom.

According to reports, this event is sponsored by Tianfu Group and Zhangzhou Institute of Science and Technology, Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Zhangzhou Cross -Strait Tea Industry Exchange Association, Zhangpu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, Zhangpu County Tea Industry Development Exchange Association, Taiwan Tianren Tea Art Culture Foundation, Taiwan Nantou Songling Tea Association, Nantou County, Nantou County, Taiwan. Considering the need for the prevention and control of the epidemic, the awards ceremony continued the live broadcast of last year this year. Only some of the tea friends representatives were invited to attend, and some Taiwan participating tea friends were invited to the live broadcast of the live broadcast of the live broadcast of Li’s home in Nantou.


Cui Weilei, deputy mayor of Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government, Huang Rongwen, deputy president of the Tea Industry Exchange Association of the Fujian Strait, Fang Longhui, deputy director of Zhangzhou Tai, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Hong Heiting, deputy county head of Zhangpu County People’s Government attended the awards ceremony Awards to the award -winning tea farmers.

The staff at the ceremony at the ceremony presented the fragrance Tieguanyin tea for the guests

Li Guolin, vice president of Tianfu Group, and Hong Heting, deputy county head of the People’s Government of Zhangpu County, delivered speeches for the awards ceremony. Li Guolin said that Tianfu Group insisted on holding the famous tea invitation competition on both sides of the Strait every year in 2011. The scale and impact of the competition are better and one year old. Interest, the brand has been done. Through the tea, the tea farmers are guided by the high standards of the award -winning tea leaves to continuously improve the process and improve the level of tea making. At the same time, the efficient and smooth production and sales platform between the company and the tea farmers has been established to increase the brick -and -tiles for the creation of tea farmers. progress.


Hong Heting, deputy head of Zhangpu County, said that the scale and influence of the “Tianfu Cup” Tea Invitational Tournament will be over the year. Building, in order to promote the tea industry and tea culture exchanges on both sides of the strait, and make new achievements for Zhangpu construction and development.


Wonderful performance at the ceremony on the ceremony