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A wanderer bichon dog with small red shoes on his feet: who was the little cute?

When it comes to stray dogs, I feel very sad. Many people dislike them, either drove, or punch and kick. There is no good look anyway, but everyone forgets that the existence of stray dogs, humans have to pay a lot of responsibilities.


In April this year, a netizen met such a stray dog, which was distressed.

One day when he went out, he saw under the ruins of the demolition house, hiding two stray dogs. Originally, it was also a common thing, but after careful observation, one of the mop dogs seemed different.

After the netizens whispered a few times, the mop dog came out, but the other stray dog ​​still curled up in the ruins.


I saw that the hair on the mop dog had no longer long hair, covering the eyes, and the most noticeable thing was the red thing on the left foot on the front left foot.

凑近后才发现,原来那红色东西是一只鞋子,要知道狗狗是最讨厌穿鞋子的,那可以推理出,鞋子肯定不是狗狗自己套上去的,就是说它原本是有主人的,只是I don’t know how to wander later.

Because it has been staring at netizens, his eyes are longing, and it seems to be seeking the help of netizens. Netizens really can’t bear it and take it away. Meeting it is fate, and this little guy is helpful.

Later, netizens sent it to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, after some examination, they found that the dog’s health was good, that is, the skin disease on the body was very serious, and it could only shave the hair of the body before treatment.

After shaving its hair, it was found that it turned out that this was a bear dog. Because the hair was too long, I never saw the variety.


Later, netizens thought about it, this is probably a dog who left with the owner. First of all, it is a bear. The probability of being abandoned is very low. Secondly, it is also wearing small red shoes on its feet. Dogs also love to add, otherwise you don’t have to put on shoes for it, isn’t it?


After the netizens decided to treat the dog, they tried to see if they could help it to find the original owner. If there was no news, they would help it to find a suitable adopter and no longer let the dog continue to wander. Once the host was disappeared, it should also be eager to have a home again.


After the new policy was introduced, the dog walking dogs must be tied to the rope. The shoveling officer in some communities still walks the dog and does not hold the rope, but the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that the rope is for the dog. If you don’t want it to be a stray dog, don’t have a chance, it is a pity that the dog is really lost.

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