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12 constellation exclusive “fairy headband”: Libra literary breath, Aries water drill color

A tempered headband can instantly improve the temperament of a person. What kind of headband is showing different styles of girls. Today, I will take Xiaobian to see what kind of style is the special lucky fairy headband?

1, Libra


This exclusive headband in Libra is very literary. The handband of the fabric plus the ribbons of the streamer, so that the whole turn is sweet and simple. Doing such a headband is very literary, very artist style.

2, the sonot

This exclusive headband in the Gemini, looking like a earrings, it is generally actually this is a cute pearl flow snorkeling jack. Super beautiful flowers with traits of Sen girl. The earrings hanging on both sides, the design is not chic.

3, Aries

A sweet straps of rhinestones, wearing the head of the Aries girl is really delicate and elegant. Minimalistic pressure versions can block those fine strains on the head. This enables the elegant temperament of Aries.


4, aquarius


Small fresh floral rabbit ear styles are very temperament in accordance with the water bottle. They are gentle and sweet, beautiful. The wide-side fabric bow is new and nature. The semi-transparent texture of the mesh is given a hazy sexy and charming. Light green colors are very sweet. ,


5, shooter seat


The people who love the seat love are free, it is a very lively and active person. They are quirky. The headband of this flower is very cute. Small lace lace design is still beautiful.

6, Capricorn

Capricorn people do things seriously and is a very principled person. The exclusive headband of Capricorn is a hair band, simple fresh bow style. Simple and no exquisite.


7, Virgo


Think of delicate and generous virgin. They are people pursuing perfection, a strict perfection of themselves. A delicate European and American lace bow thinband. The meticulous champagne is elegant and chic.

8, Cancer

Smart, peaceful Cancer. Their exclusive headband is very chic. The wigs have a twist braid headband with the anti-skid twist with teeth, and wear it on the head as if it is our own hair. Simple is not lost.

9, Pisces


Pisces that do things seriously and responsible, they feel delicate, is a very love and sympathetic person. The dedicated headband of Pisces is a beautiful and simple wide-side embossed headband. A wonderful bow style with a flying little pearl is embellished, adding sweet and luxurious to this headband.


10, Taurus

Honestly, the Taurus of this point, they are generous. A simple and unlunished fashionable hangover, simple and elegant.

11, Scorpio

Naturally, there is a mysterious Scorpio, and their headband is also quite sexy. Leopard design couple with cute bow styling. The design of the wide side is made so small, very generous.


12, Leo

Self-confidence is very strong lion. They have a natural queen, just, this headband specializing in the Leo is also very king. Retro pearl hair accessories show the queen. A headband with classical beauty