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“Pants+short boots” is the most fashionable CP in autumn and winter, which is high and thin

In autumn and winter, what shoes are wearing pants? Many people may say some classic flat shoes, but the autumn costumes will be thick and long in order to keep warm, so boots will look higher than ordinary flat shoes, and will make some young girls be in When driving the long -term costumes of autumn and winter, it is more handy.

In fact, there are still many styles of autumn boots, but those who are thin and tall are still the kind of heel boots. Not only can you make your feet thinner thinner, but also make you look higher visually.


When matching pants and short boots, pay attention to the style of the boots, so that the combination of the two will be more harmonious. For example, the head of the boots chooses a pointed or square head, avoiding the round boots with round heads, and the round head shoes appear more blunt visually, and the square and pointed aura is more sufficient.

In the color system, you need to choose a dark color, so that the matching with the pants will not appear obtrusive, and it can also add texture to the autumn and winter.

Picking down of boots


Pointed boots are the most long legs

There are two characteristics of pointed boots. One is the tip of the toe. It visually makes your feet look slender and long. The other is that the toe will make your foot to the calf The feeling, with the appropriate heel, is fashionable and very stylish as a whole.

Fang shoes are the most comfortable

Everyone knows that the more the shoes are stressed, the more you stick it to the ground, and the more comfortable to wear. Although the appearance of pointed shoes is fashionable and high, but there are fewer stress points, so long -term wear is inevitable uncomfortable. Change the pointed to the square head, the stress point of the shoes increases, while maintaining the square beauty of the square, it is more daily and fashionable to wear.

Mattellar boots are the most textured

A pair of good -looking boots have two characteristics. One is the design of the design, that is, the shape of the shape, the other is the beauty of the material. Autumn and winter want to make the boots good and not cheap. The first choice of this matte leather fabric, the texture of the leather fabric is matte with matte color. This simple beauty does not require any pattern embellishment. Glossness reflects the high level of matteness.


Bright leather boots are the most layered


The material of bright skin boots is mostly soft, too soft, so it is not as good as ordinary leather or crocodile skin shoes. However, the lack of texture will even highlight the texture of the leather, and then with this distinctive gloss, but instead compares a special sense of high -level sense.


The matching skills of pants and short boots

The color of the pants and boots is similar


If you want to make it unusual, then the color system is similar, and it will not destroy the aesthetics of the entire dress because of the items. In the same way, if you choose white pants, then choose white or beige or khaki boots, so that the color is similar and the dress is better.

Don’t match nude boots no matter what pants

Nude boots are very dull in color and close to flesh. The color matching skills we mentioned earlier, that is, can be light -colored, so the accessories must choose dark colors. If you really like this kind of shoes that are close to meat, it is better to choose this silver -gray. The color is similar, and it is better to wear clothes, which is worse than naked boots.

Don’t wear a short boot


Maybe many people say that wearing Martin boots is to tie trousers to look good. However, the difference between the essence of short boots and Martin boots is that the style is different, Martin boots are neutral, and the short boots are elegant. If the elegant boots are tied into the trousers, it will not look good enough. Put the trousers naturally, and then expose the shape of the boots, which is the best.

You have to choose a flat model to be thinner to choose a flat model

There are many types of boots, and some of them will be round, and some will be flat. If you want your short boots to be visually thin and high, then the shoe body is best to choose a flatter, and it will make your feet look flat visually, with a bit of heel, then it looks better. Sometimes if the shape of your boots is already good, then the style of the boots is mainly based on naked boots. Do not decorate, simple, good texture to meet the characteristics of autumn and winter matching.


Pants and boots are always a good partner of autumn. One is warm and one is high, especially small children. This is the best look. If you also want to know how to match your pants and shoes, it is better to look at the above points. It is simple and practical according to learning!

Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!


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“Pants+short boots” is the most fashionable CP in autumn and winter, which is high and thin