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Ancient Roman boxing gloves were unearthed, and there were iron nails on it. It is estimated that normal people can’t get three boxing

There are many kinds of sports, but there is only one that is called “brave movement”, which is boxing. Anyone who has watched boxing knows that boxers need to wear gloves for competitions, but do you know what boxing gloves are like in ancient Rome? In archeological excavation research, experts discovered ancient Rome’s boxing gloves, and also said that normal people could not have three punches. Why? Let Xiaobian let you reveal it from scratch.

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Many people think that boxing is a modern sports, but in fact, its history is far farther than we think. Archaeological studies have shown that as early as the 4th century BC, Boxing had appeared, but it was just a simple fight. Later, this movement gradually introduced to the Mediterranean, and it was carried forward by ancient Greece. Boxing sports can also be regarded as officially on the stage of history. During the ancient Greek period, many famous boxers were included in the historical book. For example, the Prince Sai Shias was the most powerful boxer at the time. He also participated in the ancient Olympic Games and won many championships in the boxing project.


Although we have not seen ancient boxing competitions, it can be roughly understood through the painting at that time. It can be found that it is similar to the current boxing competition. The difference is obvious, that is, the boxers in the ancient Greek period had no boxing gloves. In this regard, some experts questioned, saying that ancient Greek boxers had gloves and were very fatal.

In 2018, British archeologists unexpectedly discovered a site of ancient Rome during the excavation of Hudliang Great Wall. After careful excavation, experts have unearthed some pottery pots and weapons, and some traces of burning fire. Therefore, it is speculated that this is a military camp. It is worth mentioning that under a closed mud board, the experts also cleaned up two black things. After cleaning, it was found that it was a firing wrist guard. However, some experts also determined that it was a finger, that is, the things that were covered on the palm, so they thought it was the boxing gloves at the time, and the experts also took a test and found that its size and hardness were just appropriate.


Later, this so -called boxing glove was brought back to the museum, but some experts said that it was training gloves. The main purpose was to protect their fingers and joints, rather than real game gloves. According to historical records, the boxing gloves in the ancient Roman period are far more terrible than this, because the boxing gloves discovered by the Great Wall of Hadrian, it is a layer of leather outside, there are some broken cloth. Such gloves are completely non -lethal, and they are really true Boxing gloves are different. For example, in 1980, archeologists discovered a site on Crete Island and an unearthed boxed gloves were unearthed.

Crete’s boxing gloves are unique. Its outer layer is not leather, but iron, and there are some raised on the iron skin, and some are even sharp nails. In this way, it is too powerful to wear such boxing gloves. When you punch it, the other person may be rotten. Historical records, there is also a kind of boxing gloves very horrible. First, wrap it on the hand, and then stick the iron slugs on the gloves, that is, a kind of spikes. It’s right. Therefore, some experts also said ridiculous that we normal people must not resist three punch.

In the ancient Greek period, with the development of boxing, it became more and more violent. Many times the boxing competition was “signal” ended with one of the boxers. In the ancient Roman period, the boxing movement became a “synonym” for bloody violence. Therefore, the ancient Roman Emperor’s Emperor Origarez ordered a ban on boxing. Although the boxing competition was suppressed since then, the charm of boxing never disappeared. Later, the boxing competition spread to Europe, which became more civilized after being improved. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the rules of various competitions, boxing competitions were more standardized. For example, the gloves we saw today were invented at the time. Not only can it effectively protect yourself, it will not cause fatal damage to the other party. Therefore, today’s boxing competitions are more harmonious than ancient times.

In ancient society, various resources are limited, so no matter what kind of movement, most of them are accompanied by blood and violence. After all, only winners can occupy more resources. In modern society, our material life is very rich, so people are more inclined to pursue spiritual enjoyment, pursuing more fairness and justice. Therefore, modern sports are more civilized, and behind them are the result of social progress.


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