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Come to to choose Qixi Custom underwear and home service gift boxes for TA unique love

The Qixi Festival is approaching, and it is time for the lovers to express their love. Are your gifts ready to go to the Qixi Festival? Between intimate lover, sending TA personal clothes means intimate and delicate care and care. Therefore, it is better to change the new personal clothes for TA while the Tanabata arrives! At the 88BRA festival, combined with well -known underwear brands such as UBRAS, Banana, Victoria’s Secret, Ai Enre, etc., which brings Tanabata custom gift boxes, both high -value and comfortable underwear and home clothing. Come more surprises and sense of rituals, so that the feelings between close lover will heat up again.

Romantic love starts from the details without size underwear for her comfortable care

Lovers are accompanied by each other, but special festivals such as Tanabata also need to add some sense of ritual. JD Data shows that consumers give their partners on the Tanabata gift, in addition to paying attention to exquisite taste, they also pay attention to practicality. As a must -have item for women, underwear is undoubtedly one of the practical gifts. Among the many hot -selling underwear, a size -free underwear not only experiences light and comfortable, but also perfectly adapts to various chest shapes, so that men can also choose comfortable underwear suitable for her. Therefore, if you are choosing a gift that can express both care and love for people’s mind, you may wish to consider the single -scale underwear gift box with a “heart -hearted”, and take care of her from the subtleties of life. At the JD 88BRA festival, brands such as UBRAS, internal and external brands bring a variety of non -size underwear gift boxes to appear, providing a variety of options for the gift giving gifts. Among them, ubras all in freeless small cool breeze lingerie gift box is only petted by This underwear uses an innovative technology cooling fabric to make her cool for a summer, free as wind; The comfort is like one, and the sweet wave -shaped edge design is reduced and playful. Jin Jing’s surprise version of Yun Duo without size bra, brain gift box, add beautiful pistachio color, and custom -made cute words under the underwear, so that she can be a happy “happy fruit”. Several size -free underwear gift boxes use Tanabata customized high -value packaging to make gift gifts more ritual.

Ubras all in free Xiaoliangfeng underwear gift box inside and outside the cloudless branches of the bras

来京东挑选七夕定制内衣、家居服礼盒 给TA独一无二的爱

Enjoy the comfortable time of the home, the family selection home service gives him a detailed care

来京东挑选七夕定制内衣、家居服礼盒 给TA独一无二的爱

Home is the harbor of love. No matter how tired he works in a day, he can enjoy the comfortable leisure time between lovers when he returns home and removes the “armor”. If you want to work hard with a gift to work hard, you may wish to choose a comfortable men’s home service. Especially in hot weather, a light and breathable home service is essential. Mr. admiration uses the Tianzhu fiber fabric to use the smooth and smooth and sweat at the same time, making him as if to sleep with the breeze. Qiulu pure cotton men’s home service selection high -quality combed cotton, gentle skin -friendly, different warm and warm color tones to make men unlock the simple and fashionable sense of fashion. If you want to add a sense of intimate “CP” with him, you can place an order of Fenteng Brown Bear and Kenie Rabbit IP co -branded couples, as well as the fruit shell Disney co -famous couple home service. The cartoon pattern not only adds a cute and playful sense, but also means It is to make sweet love forever and innocence. In addition, there are a large number of comfortable men’s underwear for A-DAM, Songshan cotton shops, and three shots. Male underwear can be purchased. While Tanabata changing new personal clothes for his lover, he gives the most intimate care.

Mr. admiration, bamboo ice silk home set, autumn deer pure cotton men’s home service

来京东挑选七夕定制内衣、家居服礼盒 给TA独一无二的爱

Lover also loves their own delicate home clothes to create a sense of enjoyment ceremony

Wang Erde once said that “love yourself is the beginning of life romance.” Learn to love yourself before loving others can we more deeply appreciate the romance and beauty in life. At this Qixi Festival, choose a delicate gift for yourself, and create a sense of rituals to enjoy a person. After get off work, click the aromatherapy, change the smooth and smooth home suit, so that the delicate package feels around, and it is a poetic private time. If you like the sexy queen style, the silky satin surface of the dense sexy lace nightdress is matched with lace trim, which is more romantic and soft. If you like cute and cute style, Jin Santa × 吾 皇 万 如果 如果 如果 custom silk pajamas set 100%mulberry silk comfortable fabric brings extreme comfortable dressing. In addition, the exquisite home service gift boxes of brands such as Sanro, Mikaki, Fenteng, and other brands are also selling them. They are not just home, but also a romantic amusement park for Qixi Festival.

来京东挑选七夕定制内衣、家居服礼盒 给TA独一无二的爱

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Lace Skirt Golden Three Pagoda × My Emperor Wan Wan Sleeping All Name Custom Real silk pajamas

This Tanabata, come to’s underwear to buy Tanabata to customize underwear and home service gift boxes to participate in the Jingdong 88BRA festival discount event, enjoy 20 discounts of 2 pieces of goods across stores, 30 discounts, and 499-100 yuan.’s underwear heart is a gift, and the romance and warmth of Qixi Festival will be permanently reserved in memory.