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This year’s autumn and winter new bag is so wild? Intersection I found the equalization of Prada, BV

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It is estimated that many girls will be shining in front of them. But buying a bag for a while, the wallet fire burial field. So, today I brought our sweeper ywhy

) Let him talk to you about these super -looking “flat replacement” bags.


I also want to see more fashion wear and good things, you can poke the beautiful picture below




Because the update speed is fast enough and follows the fashion trend

No matter when I stepped into the fast -fashion store door, I would not return empty -handed 🤷‍♀️.

For me, I often go shopping for fast and fashion, the greatest meaning is,

In the shortest time, we can understand the trend and spend less money to get it. Moreover, the quality of some items is not bad.

And except for clothes,

I found that the fast fashion bag is a huge treasure

Don’t look at them all hanging next to the corners of the clothes, the upper body is good -looking!

Just recently, they have all been on the new autumn and winter models

Let’s take a look together

Which new bags in fast fashion are worth buying?


The retro wind turns makes the underarm bag getting more and more popular, from the show to the street shooting and the shopping malls everywhere. Don’t look at it with a small one, it is very gentle and gentle.

On the show in the autumn and winter of this year, the brands are still launching a new underarm bag


, So the underarm bag will still be very hot next year.

In the big name, Burberry’s autumn axillary is selected for their classic checkered color schemes, which should be good -looking with Khaki trench coat; GUCCI has innovated on the basis of Jackie Hobo packaging, becoming more delicate.

There is also Bottega Veneta who has also carried out weaving underarms. The finely weaving is very autumn and winter.

The underarm bag raises the visual center of gravity and the honey juice is significantly higher, and it can also modify the body proportion.

So it is a versatile bag that does not pick people and has a figure.

UR’s this modern box of box axillary bag,

The stiff bag has a sense of styling, don’t worry about the collapse.

Coupled with the lavender purple this year, it is popular and easy to match.


Urban Revivo

💰 💰 369


Item Number: AY38TB2N002

Zara’s zebra pattern underarity bag is a little horses, with American girls on the back.

And compared to leopard patterns, black and white zebra patterns are better controlled, and they are a bit beautiful.

In terms of style, most girls are 🉑️. And this underarm bag is also equipped with a long shoulder strap, and you can also slap your back on the coat in autumn and winter.


💰 💰 399

Item number: 16852610194


At first glance at this underarm bag of H & M, it is quite impatient after watching it for a long time.

The bag is very soft to touch the capacity, and there is a small layer outside, full of practicality. And its price can really not buy a loss, you can’t buy it.

A 100 -dollar GET is very cost -effective.


H & M


💰 💰 129


Item number: 0842286

To say that this year’s accessories are the first place, you must nominate a rough chain. Whether it is clothes, shoes, or bags, the thick chain can be contracted.

This year’s chain has become more and more rock, very retro exaggeration in the 1980s, and the thick chain has become a frequent visitor on the show.

Therefore, this winter wants to catch up with a trend, and the rough chain is indispensable, and the chain bag can be versatile.


When paired with a leather bag,

The metal texture that comes with the rough chain can also have both fashion and practicality, which is more compatible and fashionable than ordinary leather straps.

Zara’s thick chain bag, I glance at a glance,

First of all, the color of denim blue+matte gold is very advanced. It is a harmonious color that is dazzling in autumn and winter without being too eye -catching.

The bag is a bit flattened for the BV cloud bag. The size is quite large and thicker. It feels like a small pillow. It is definitely not lost in autumn and winter to go out on the street. It can be matched with shirts and suits.

With the exquisiteness of the city in leisure.


💰 💰 299

Item number: 16365610017

Bershka’s simple revealing rebellion personality, nylon mesengers and silver rough chains, are full of street feeling.


The chain can be used as an accessory when you cross the hand, and you can get two birds with one stone.



💰 💰 💰 159

Item number: 03399862800


If you feel that the metal chain is too heavy, you can try the Ackle light version.


The chain bag that looks like Prada Sidonie comes from UR.

This shape is too special. Just look at it at a glance.


The New Wave from LV is also similar.


If you like this type of bag, it is quite recommended to start with one.

Item number: AA40TB2N2001


The classic diamond -shaped plaid seam bag has become extremely “inflated” this year, like RUA with soft clouds, holding it with excellent feel, and it is very suitable for winter.

The seams on the autumn and winter show are larger than SIZE in the spring and summer models, but their own weights are lighter and can be installed.


Obviously the wide stitch bag looks younger and younger,


It will not give people a sense of oppression of “classic models”, and it will be light and fashionable.

Mango’s derivative bag, I think buying home should be very practical 👉

Generous ratio


It is more regular, so the workplace can be memorized. The small size crossbody is very lively, so shopping dating is also OK.

And this rice white is very textured, and the matching does not pick clothes and colors, love is one word!


💰 💰 💰 259


C $ dkubchpjumv $

The next COS’s pocket stitching bag should be the favorite of sports and street shooters.

The bag type+fluffy seam of the waist bag makes it light and capable


The nylon long shoulder strap allows you to go out for the convenience. The color is dazzling but not a sense of cheapness of fluorescent color.

The most important thing is that you only need to wear a solid suit or base, and you can shoot it with a large blockbuster.



💰 💰 450

Item number: 0925686001

Zara is too good,

Taking advantage of autumn and winter, we can combine weaving, derivatives, and plush elements. Who can stop this? 🤷‍♀️.

The basic bag type of this bag is an ordinary handbag, but the original hard skin flipping becomes soft and delicate. There was a circle of lamb hair sewing around, and it suddenly hit my heart. The cute and fashionable is it!

💰 💰 359

Item number: 16527610040

There are many styles of fast and fashionable bags and fast updates. If you do n’t know what packages you buy this winter, you can pick it up to one or two in these stores.

It is precisely because of frequent updates that you can always see some “big -name shadows” in their bags. However, I think the biggest value of a bag is that you like it. As long as you like the bag you buy in fast fashion stores, it is suitable for you.


Do you also want to see which items in the fast fashion series, the comment area is waiting for you!

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Urban Revivo

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