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Shenzhen released Bluetooth headset comparative test. These models are most popular

TWS wireless stereo technology has been widely used in the field of Bluetooth headsets in recent years. As the public’s portability of electronic products has become more and more valued, TWS Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular with consumers and have become a new star in the headset industry. According to the survey of the Rising Sun Big Data, the global TWS headset market brand shipments in 2019 will be shipped about 160 million. It is estimated that in 2020, the global TWS headset market brand shipments will reach 400 million. The Bluetooth headset market of TWS technology is full of development potential, but the market chaos has also occurred, which has caused consumers to have problems when buying and using products.

From August 2020 to October 2020, the consumer committee of the Futian District and the Consumer Council of Guangming District jointly conducted a comparative test on the commercially available TWS Bluetooth headset products. People provide scientific consumption guidelines. The comparison test was performed by the Shenzhen Institute of Quality and Consumption, and Shenzhen Tianxiang Quality Technology Service Co., Ltd. was inspected.

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Interviewees want to buy Bluetooth headsets most attention to the sound quality of the headset

In August 2020, the Consumer Council of Futian District and the Consumer Council of Guangming District conducted a consumer survey on TWS Bluetooth headset products. The survey results showed that more than 87%of the respondents were willing to buy TWS Bluetooth headsets in use or willing to buy TWS Bluetooth headsets. Among them, more than 90%of the TWS Bluetooth headsets purchased or expected to purchase TWS Bluetooth headsets are less than 1,200 yuan. In terms of wearing duration, 52%of respondents wear headphones every day between 1-3 hours; those who have more application scenarios are work/study, when taking public transportation, watching movies/videos, and chatting. 60%.

When buying and using TWS Bluetooth headsets, the first three items that the respondents pay attention to are sound quality, wearing comfort and stability, and quality ratio; and during the use process, the interviewees said It is easy to drop, fast power consumption, Bluetooth breaks, and interference.

This comparative test sample selection refer to the results of the consumption situation and the TWS Bluetooth headsets with high attention and sales of major e -commerce platforms, and the samples are all the samples to simulate consumers on each e -commerce platform. A total of 12 samples, a total of 12 samples.其中600元以上的有6款,600元以下的有6款,涉及品牌有:铂傲(B&O)、苹果(Apple)、索尼(SONY)、博士(BOSE)、JBL、华为(HUAWEI)、万Magic (1MORE), OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi (Xiaomi), Edifier and FIIL (ranking).

TWS Bluetooth headset is an audio electronic product. The survey found that the execution standards written on the outer packaging of TWS Bluetooth headset products sold in China have a variety of execution standards. There are also some standards for their own standards, and there are no national compulsory standards for the chemicals and sound pressure of TWS Bluetooth headsets that are generally concerned about.

深圳发布蓝牙耳机比较试验 这几款最受青睐

This comparison test conducts TWS Bluetooth headset samples from four aspects: environmental assessment, chemical safety, product performance and subjective experience.



Sample samples are favored by Test Apple Huawei most experienced officials

The results of the comparison test show that in terms of environmental protection assessment, 12 TWS Bluetooth headset samples meet the requirements of EU regulations 2015/863/EU, and have excellent performance. In terms of chemical safety, the comparison test selected polygon aromatic hydrocarbons for chemical safety assessment. Twelve TWS Bluetooth headset samples meet the requirements of German GS regulations.

深圳发布蓝牙耳机比较试验 这几款最受青睐

In terms of product performance testing, the four items of the headset pressure test, the difference between the left and right frequency response, the product and functional test, and the drop test were selected for evaluation of the four items of the headset. Comprehensive results show that Huawei (Huawei) FreeBuds Pro performed well in terms of performance and was awarded five -star. In the earphone sound pressure test, the 12 brands of TWS Bluetooth headset sample meet the requirements of the European Union’s standards for sound pressure; in the difference in the difference between the left and right frequency response, Vivo TWS NEO real wireless headset samples The maximum difference is the smallest, standing out of the 12 samples; in the product and functional inspection, Huawei (Huawei) FreeBuds Pro wireless headset sample instructions and packaging information are complete, there are security tips such as volume and long time listening time, and excellent performance; In the fall test, the 12 brands of TWS Bluetooth headset samples have passed the decline test.

This experiment also screened 31 experience officers to 12 TWS Bluetooth headsets, from the product appearance, easy -to -read, product control, comfortable and stability, Bluetooth connection speed and stability, listening experience, and listening experience. Make deep experience and score. The comprehensive results show that Apple AirPods Pro and Huawei (Huawei) FreeBuds PRO has been favored by the experience officers. More than 85%of the experience officers believe that the two headset samples are comfortable, the connection is stable, the noise reduction effect is good, and the sound quality is good. Essence

Consumer reminder:

Promote environmentally friendly products to use headphones to protect the ears

This trial also gives wireless Bluetooth headset consumption tips. Consumers are promoted to choose environmentally friendly electronic products, preferentially choose to use environmentally friendly materials production and packaging, or publicize electronic products with environmental protection certification. In addition, the ears cannot be paused and sensitive organs. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the listening time should not be too long. In addition, when buying headphones, it is recommended to choose headphones with volume sound prompts as much as possible to protect the ear from the amount of hypertrophy causing irreversible damage.

Consumption prompts that headphones with physical noise reduction or active noise reduction function are significantly isolated from external interference. However, wearing a noise -canceling headset will be dispersed on the road or riding on the road, and it is difficult to hear the sound of the flute of the past. Therefore, please avoid wearing headphones during walking or riding. If consumers are uncertain about the wearing experience, functions and sound quality of their favorite headphones, they can go to the corresponding brand of physical stores to experience, and then decide whether to buy the headset.

Writing: Nandu reporter Wu Lingshan