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Use the screen to partition the wall to create a creative partition space

There are many forms of screens, and the distinction of multiple materials. It is often used in porch, living room, study room and other spaces. It needs to be divided into places. It is decorated and evolved with diversity. Especially prominent, according to personal preferences, the designer’s ingenuity conception,

Use the screen to partition wall to create a creative partition space,

Add a beautiful scenery to the design of the home and get rid of the monotonous space.

Dinner partition space of screen partition wall


The screen materials are different and the performance methods are also very diverse. Unlike the thick and dignified impression of the traditional solid wood screen, the glass of the glass material is more visually clear. Under the effect of different light, it can reflect the light overflowing light overflow The colorful effect of color,

As a partition wall between the living room and the restaurant, the glass screen is half -covered

, To perfectly divide the two spaces with different functions, but also faintly link the two spaces through dark glass. In modern home design, the elegant screen mixed with solid wood and glass materials, combined with the bright crystal lamps and the bright tile floor of the top of the top, the entire design complement each other, and the overall effect is harmonious. The screen partition wall of the mixed -match material is used to create a reasonable space division, and it also creates a perfect and unified overall environment and creative space.


The Chinese -style living room partition space in the screen partition wall

The wind partition space is the creative interior design artistic achievement of ancient Chinese. In the design renderings full of Chinese living room design, the use of screens is obviously essential. In modern home design with classical charm, using wooden screen partitions can be coordinated with the overall home design. With the deep solid wood color on the wall partition wall, with the fresh and elegant fabric furniture, under the light of the white daylight light, the wooden screen designed by the hollow windows is designed.

Make the entire space with a strong three -dimensional sense and deep cultural charm, create a creative partition space

It is like the residence of ancient celebrities who lived in the world, showing the tranquility and leisure of traveling through time. In modern Chinese -style home design, the classic solid wood screen partition space is reasonable, but it is perfectly integrated with modern design to create a harmonious effect of ancient and modern, but it is unexpected.

Creative rattan screen of screen partition wall

A creative screen partition design must not only be integrated with the surrounding environment, but also to play the finishing touch. The modern interior screen partition design has very large innovation and transformation than the traditional screen. Full of new ideas, use all kinds of lightweight materials such as cloth, yarn, metal, glass, and rattan to replace solid wood, making modern screens more creative in shape and processing.

Coat with a rattan screen partition wall to break through the traditional color use and match

, Make the entire space style have a variety of selectivity, creating a creative home partition space. However, the use of screens must be unified with the home atmosphere and style. In the design of the living room full of Southeast Asian style, the appearance of rattan furniture makes the entire environment full of natural atmosphere. At this time The feeling is full of decoration.


The bedroom partition space of the screen partition wall

The European style is a recognized representative of the gorgeous style, and the European screen implements this design concept in design. Set a half -facade screen in the bedroom to fully separate the space of the bedroom and the study. The complicated pattern design fully reflects the exquisiteness and gorgeous European screen, echoing with the oil painting wall not far away, and is extremely uniform in style. This white hollow carved screen is not just for partitioning in function.

The white carved partition wall is cleverly used to create a creative and creative home partition space immediately.


Coincidentally use screen partition walls to create a creative home partition space with fashion and classics. Many people use screens to create creative partition spaces because it has a variety of styles and simple settings. The screen partition wall is an independent furniture supplies. In home design, as a single product divided by space, if it can be clever, it can often achieve unexpected design effects.