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What brand is good to choose a torque wrench?

Digital torque wrench is also called electronic torque wrench or electronic torque wrench. It is different from the general torque wrench. It has powerful operating functions, including torque settings; unit settings; mode settings; numerical storage; numerical removal; numerical output and network correction function, digital torque wrench, chromium -chromium steel.

Nakamura Nakamura Disted Torque Wrench

Digital display is the highest level in the torque wrench. When the torque that can be applied to the set value can be made, the wrench will make a “嘀” sound or bending the angle at the connection of the wrench. The lights are prompting the user, and the torque setting can also be completed through the keys and digital display. It is more convenient and easy to operate than non -number torque wrench.

All in all, the torque wrench is the easiest to operate in the torque wrench. It reduces the requirements of the operator by installing the digital display.

The number of torque wrenches in Nakamura, Japan uses high -precision, low -power intelligent microprocessors as the core control chip, and uses digital processing technology and strain sensing technology. Show its torque size.

This product is accurate, stable in performance, long life, small power consumption, convenient use, equipped with a variety of torque pre -tightening and measurement modes, and can store 100 sets of torque value data in the peak mode. Communication with the computer enables operators and inspectors to easily check, process, analyze, backup, and print the recorded data, and effectively control and ensure the pre -tightening and measurement process of fasteners.

It is widely used in the occasion of aviation, aerospace, cars, motorcycles, and precision machines to ensure the precise pre -tightening and measurement of fasteners.

How to use the torque wrench in Nakamura in Japan:

1. Switch to the lower rear cover against the clockwise, install the battery in the direction of the battery, restore and tighten the rear cover.

2. Open the power: Long press and turn on, remove the button, and the LCD display 0.0 can be used.

3. Unit selection: According to the requirements, press the settings to select the torque unit N.M, IN.LB, FT.LB, KGF.CM, KGF.M.


4. Preset: In the power -on state, press Enter the confirmation key settings to select [MODE], modify the prefabricated value, the press key to confirm and exit the setting mode after the modification is completed.

5. School zero: When the wrench is placed in a natural level, long press Enter to confirm the key for 3 seconds, and the LCD displays display “0.0, which can be used.

6. Measurement: Wall the direction board to the corresponding position, put the sleeve on the mortise, pull the handle. When the preset alarm light lighten up and the alarm sounds, it means that the tightening torque has reached the preset value. Stop forces. If in a peak state, the maximum torque applied will continue to be displayed on the LCD display after the unloading force, and press Enter to confirm the keys to store data.

7. Ship off: long press and turn off, remove the key pressing key for 3 seconds to shut down.

8. For details of the data transmission, see the wireless/wired number show wrench communication protocol.

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What brand is good to choose a torque wrench?


Nakamura Nakamura Disted Torque Wrench