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“Salome” -wang Erde

Wilde’s aesthetic tragedy “Salle Mei”, the most deadly woman in the history of literature -Salome (too attached to beauty, love love for love)

For the sake of beauty for love, it is the only clear place for us to occupy our desire to occupy the only bottomless abyss, and the dark clouds cover our eyes TA. For the sake of love and desire, it can hurt himself, for the sake of the other party that the other party can be ignorant and selflessly; the other is to hurt others.

Character: Princess Salome King Youth Prophet John Princess John Male Sales


Story content: At the king’s banquet, everyone greeted the wine. Lieutenant Young Lieutenant Outside the palace frequently looked at the palace and kept staring at Salome. Friends and men have been persuading that something will happen to watch. Lieutenant still didn’t care about friends, and kept staring at Salome’s poems that kept commending. A deep well outside the palace was detained with the prophet John, and John made a prediction and curse from time to time.

At the boring banquet, Salome walked outside the palace, heard John’s voice and was deeply attracted. In the case of repeated requests and promised to give the young Lieutenant Flowers, the second lieutenant put John out.

Seeing John’s body, hair, and lips was firmly attracted. John allowed John to kiss his lips, and the second one requested Shaleme not to say this. John, who was still requested by Shaleme, was still unable to bear such a crazy move and committed suicide.


John turned around and returned to the well, Salome vowed to go to John’s lips.

At the banquet, the king of Shalemei also came out and said to Salome: “If you are willing to dance, you are willing to give her the rare treasures, and even half of the Jiangshan and mountains.” The queen has always asked Sha Lemei not to agree to this crazy request. Salome promised and asked: I hope that the king can promise her a request and swear that she will do it. The king agrees. After Salome finished dancing, he asked the king to send her the head of the prophet John. Wang Guo begged Salome not to mention such a request. Salome insisted not to change, and finally the king ordered the sister -in -law to look at John’s head. Salome kissed John’s lips with John’s head and sent out: “Is this the smell of blood? … Not this may also be the taste of love … They said, love is bitter …” The king ordered the soldiers to kill that Woman, Salome fell under the shield.



Look at his thin bones! Like a ivory sculpture, weak, and like a silver image.

Your body is as white as a lily in the field, like the top of the Jewish mountain, the snow blowing into the valley.

Your hair is like a bunch of black grapes, as if in the east garden, a bunch of black grapes hanging down in the dense vines.

Your lips are rosy like a red ribbon entangled on the ivory tower, like a red pomegranate that is half a half of the ivory knife.