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Hanfu Popular Science | Total to send roses too boring, do not look at the gifts of the ancients to send love

Today, on the streets, you can often see all kinds of couples one pair and one -pair of land, hold roses, and you are in your love “sour odor”. Envy, jealousy and hate, but for couples who are already in love, love always needs freshness, so it is not possible to send roses, often get some fresh ~ otherwise

The rose fell height, and the knee of durian knees kneeling

The tragedy T-T (don’t ask why the rose is high, because the dormitory of our school often saw a variety of roses thrown into the trash can from downstairs =-=)

But you will never know how much you can be “twists and turns” in your TA, and how “fresh and refined” the aesthetics can be.

汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

Instead of hurting the brain, it is better to learn the ancients,

汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

How to pass love when dating ~

“Poetry of Dingqing”, which was widely circulated in ancient times, can be said to be a disguised version of gift giving up

“Dingqing Poetry” festival

Eastern Han Dynasty Fanqin

Why do you make boxing? Two gold rings. (Armor)

Why is it diligent? About a pair of silver. (ring)

Why is the district? Double pearl in the ear. (earrings)

Why is it? After the sachet is the elbow. (Sauce)

Why is it? Double the wrist to break away. (bracelet)

Why is it grateful? Beautiful jade dick Luo Yan. (Yu Pei)

Why is it in the center? Suwa tiring double stitches. (Together)

Why is it? Gold Bo painted his head. (Bad)

Why do you feel good? Behind ears. (Bad)

Why answer Huan Xin? Three skirts. (Dress)

Why is it sad? White silk double clothes. (underwear)


The ancients wearing sachets can be traced back to the earliest back to

Pre -Qin Dynasty

When young people see their parents and elders, we wear woven sachets to show respect. Because the sachet is average

汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

Belt tied to the waist or under the elbow

It is a portable thing, so lovers are often given away in love.

Tang Qi Golden Two -Bee Two -Bee Twoin Labor Silver Skin Skin

Poet Zhang Yan

“Too Real Said”

In a poem: “The concubine small flower sac, selling the old incense on the chest. Whoever solves the king, and he is hateful for a lifetime.”

Yang Guifei


Emperor Tang Ming

This love.


汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物


It was given to the woman who gave it to the woman

Preferred gift

It is also commonly used by ancient women to give love Langlang



汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

“Promoting the Words Thinking”

In it, a woman carefully made a cricket for her lover, but listened to her lover and loved another love, so she burned the sister -in -law, “when the wind is ashes”, and vowed not to be a third party.

Therefore, 象 symbolizes

“Main Room” dignity

It is an ancient man

Essential gift for the right wife


Can be disassembled

, Women divide the crickets on their heads into two,

Half given to each other, half of them

, Wait until he sees it again every day, then together,

To show love and gift

Essence In Nalan’s ethics, he used “Baodi to cling to each other with two distractions, and what is the fate of wet orchids.”

red beans

Red beans, also known as “



Lang Jundou

“.” Red beans have a few branches in spring. Persuading to pick more, this thing is the most acacia. “This song from the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei


, Make Red Beans synonymous with “Acacia”. The loved men and women presented red beans to settle their love, and made red beans into jewelry to solve the suffering of acacia.

According to rumors,

Han Dynasty Fujian

There was a man’s war, and his wife was looking forward to his return every day. He stood under the entrance of the village all day, looking forward to the twilight, crying and softening. After tears were crying, they flowed out of red blood droplets. Suddenly, the trees are full of pods, and their seeds are half red and half black, crystal clear. People think that this is the wife’s blood and tears condensed, which is called “

Tang Yin’s “Red Bean Acacia Lady Map”


The handkerchief is also

Ancient women are more personal

Most of the patterns are embroidered by themselves. In ancient times, if a woman fell in love with a man, she would sew the affection in the handkerchief one by one, and sent him a person to embroidery.

Play water handkerchief

Ming Dynasty operaist

Feng Menglong

In a folk song collected, he sang: “Do not write love words and do not offer poems. One party knows that he knows that he knows it.

Hengye is silk (thought) to be vertical (thought)

Who knows such a heart. “A two -word, write close to lingering and thoughtfulness.


Boys, also known as


It is an jewelry worn on the arm by ancient women. Wearing sleeveless or thin clothes in summer, in order to make the manner more elegant and calm, the ancient women highlighted the plump and round of the arm, and often worn a arm. And make a letter of love with the armband,

Can express the affection for the person who wants to be, endlessly, connecting it

Mingjin Armor


汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

An ancient unmarried woman would not wear a ring because

The ring is a depending on or affectionate thing

Essence Southern dynasty

Uncle Liu Jing

In the “Different Garden”, the Qin Shu of Peijun was stunned by a wonderful woman on the way home, and she became a husband and wife with her. Early the next morning, Qin Shu had to set foot on the return journey again. During the farewell, the woman took out a pair of ring and told: “The meeting is safe, and the ring is like people.”

Ming and Qing Plum Blossom Four -Serial Ring Ring

In the late Tang Dynasty, the ring was gradually presented from men and women to each other and became

Can only be presented by men

, Similar to the Western Gift Method.


Jiexinjie due to it


The characteristics are often regarded as a symbol of love, take “

To tie the knot

“The meaning. It is often used in

Daily decoration, wedding instrument, love

On the top, express the longing for the old and forever.


汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

Six Dynasties Su Xiaoxiao has “

汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物

Su Xiaoge

“:” I take the oil wall car, Lang takes the blue horses. Where is the same, Xiling pine and cypress. “

Acacia order

“:” Jun tears, tears, Luo Bai has not achieved the same heart, Jiangtou tide has been flat. ” It can be said that compared to other token, there is a unique implicit in concentric knotting.

After studying the ancients, and then learning the present, what about the issue of fixing and token, and what can robes be able to support them?

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汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物


汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物



汉服科普 | 总送玫瑰花太无趣,不防看看古人传情送哪些礼物